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You Rocker You

2015 September 9
by Micki

Hey hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend for those that celebrate the holiday and if you don’t, I hope you had a great weekend.  Our weekend was busy and miserably hot n humid!  But there is relief on the way, yay!  I’m ready for fall but then I’ve been ready for fall before summer ever hit.

Sadly I didn’t get any time in my craft room this weekend.  However the previous weekend I made a bunch of cards with images I had colored a long time ago.  It feels so good to see that stack of “To Be Finished” getting smaller.

Today’s card is with a digital stamp from Charmed Cards and Crafts which I paired with the “You Rock” stamp from Unity Stamps.  Some old paper scraps and voila, several cards made.





While I was scrolling through my Digi Stamp folder I was reminded just how many digital stamps I own.  W A Y  too M A N Y!!!!!!

Keeping it short as I’m heading off to work.  Until next time…..


Glass Beaded Pears

2015 September 4
by Micki

Happy Friday folks!  Hey I thought I’d share my chunky little canvases I created after watching Golden Paints YouTube channel.  They have a lot of awesome tutorials and I decided I was going to try my hand at the Water Media with Glass Bead Gel.


I had to improvise and ended up adding several layers of glass bead gel but overall I think it turned out ok.  And there is definitely a lot of texture from the glass beads.




Definitely go check out Golden Paints YouTube channel!   I’m keeping it short and sweet today, glad tomorrow is Saturday!  Until next time……


Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!



2015 September 2
by Micki

Hello, hello!

I am happy to say that I finished this journal spread.  Took a while and did have some hiccups with the face.  Walked away from it, came back and worked on it some more.  This back and forth went on for about two weeks.

And here is how she ended up:



I was having issues with the layers of paint coming off (on her cheeks) and thought it would be easier to paint her with her eyes closed.  She’s meditating Smile.


The headband was created using tore pieces of magazine pages in reds and orange and then painted over.  The background was fun, created with lots of layers.


The “Fabulous” is an old rub-on which I thought was perfect.  Perfect because I felt that all things considering, this spread turned out great.


Totally happy with her, lopsided hair and all, lol!

Hope the week is going great for you guys!  Until next time……



2015 August 31
by Micki

more blooms, this time in my art journal.  I did warn you, lol!  It’s been a week since I blogged, no excuse other than it was my first full work week.  Lots of learning and being on your feet, needless to say I was wiped out by Friday!  Hence, I didn’t worry about blogging.  However, hoping to get back into the rhythm of it this week (no promises as this is going to be an eventful week around here.)

On to my art journal spread. 


This one, I absolutely adore.  Again, lots of layers and texture since I had used these pages to clean up some embossing paste through stencils.



You should be able to see the texture in the close up photos (above).  And the colors that are popping through, sigh LOVE it!

Looking at this just makes me happy!  I’m off to Kansas City – hope you guys have a great start to the week!  AND….. to my granddaughters….. happy first day of school girls!!!!

Until next time…….

Funky Flowers

2015 August 24
by Micki

Good Monday morning folks!   We’ve had the most awesome weather considering it’s August!  Yesterday was in the lower 80’s with a cool northerly breeze and this morning it’s 54°.  Lovin’ it!

Before heading out to work I wanted to share another chunky 4”x4” canvas.  It’s the same technique I used for my last one except this time I blocked out the flowers with white paint.



Wish I would have doodled the flowers a bit better, lo!  But I do like it.  Not sure which one I like better, the black one from last post or this one.

Well, I better get going.  This will be my first full week working.  Still a little nervous as there is so much to learn but there isn’t anything I can not learn – I firmly believe that!  (And so far I’ve been right – let’s hope that continues, lol.)  It’s the last week of vacation before the girls return to school next Monday and my daughter decided to go back to school (online) which starts today!  Next Monday is a big day for me too.  Lots of changes around here!

You guys have a wonderful day!  Until next time……

Chunky Canvas

2015 August 21
by Micki

Happy Friday folks!  As promised more projects featuring luscious background layers, this time on 4”x4” chunky canvas.  Love these deep edge canvases even though the small size does make it a bit harder to work on at times.

For this canvas, lots of layers using lots of colors and mark making materials.


Once the background was dry, I loosely sketched out a tulip like flower with black paint and brush followed by “blacking out” everything else.  I then used white paint in a fineline applicator to make the flower pop. 




What do you think?

On the home front, today is day three of my new job.  It’s kicking my rear since it’s standing for eight hours and it’s killing my back and legs.  Guess that’s what happens when one goes from a desk job to one standing at a counter.  

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Until next time…..xoxoxo

Flowers In A Vase….

2015 August 19
by Micki

Ugh I totally suck at creative project titles, lol!  Hey gang, I wanted to share another project which I created after watching Flora Bowley’s Life Book lesson.


It always amazes me how a painting comes together at the end.  I truly had a hard time with the background and the “letting go” process but I kept at it.  And you know what, totally love the end result.

Allowing the all too colorful background to show through in the flowers made it not so “loud”.  By letting go of all the other areas by covering it up, I really didn’t loose it all as it still comes through in bits and pieces.




And the hot pink frame?  Perfectly accents the spots of neon pink in the blooms.  Love this technique of lots of layers and mark making and then covering some of it up.  Be prepared, lots more projects like this.

As for me, I start my new job today.  Super excited but also a little nervous.  It’s doing something totally different from what I’ve done these last twenty-plus years.  Wish me luck!

Until next time……. xoxoxo

Life Book Week 30 Letting Go

2015 August 14
by Micki

Hi friends,

Today I’m sharing my project after watching my Lifebook 2015 lesson for week 30 taught by Flora Bowley.  I’m in love with her work!!!!  This weeks lesson was all about letting in and letting go, meaning letting go of layers as in covering up and that is not an easy task for me.  So the end result is a piece of watercolor paper that has at least seven to ten layers.  And as hard as it was to “cover up” I had tremendous fun and created several projects based on her lesson.   Today I’m sharing one of those projects:




I often time have a hard time selecting colors.  Basically because I tend to go for the same colors that happen to be my favorites at the moment and because sometimes it’s hard to choose when you have every color in the rainbow (or pretty close to it).  However, in the end I loved how it turned out.  All those layers, even though covered up, still come through and add such lovely depth.


More Flora Bowley inspired projects to come, stay tuned Smile.

Until next time……


Birthday Card for Abby

2015 August 12
by Micki

It’s been ages since I broke out my Copic markers.  Boy that old saying “use it or loose it” holds true to coloring as well.  In all of my art, I struggle with shadows and light especially when coloring with markers.  But this little girl (digital stamp from Sweet N Sassy Stamps)reminds me so much of my youngest granddaughter Abby, that I had to color her up.  Her birthday was last Thursday.




The inside of the card features a sentiment from an old Stampin’ Up! set and seemed perfect for the littlest munchkin.


Hard to believe she’s already five years old!  Time flies.  This week (today), our oldest Granddaughter turns eleven  twelve.

Until next time……


Life Book Week 28 Layers of You

2015 August 10
by Micki

Helloooooo and happy Monday!  I was MIA and didn’t post last Friday partly because the day at the Zoo (Thursday) totally wore me out.  This past weekend was brutal with heat and humidity.  I think what made it so unbearable was absolutely no breeze!  But it’s supposed to “cool down” this week with less humidity, yay!

Anyhoo, thought I’d share my project for Lifebook 2015 week 28 lesson taught by the wonderful Tam.

The lesson was about painting over faces, like your own photo or magazine faces which by the way is a lot harder than one thinks.  And the end result never looks like the picture you started with. 

Here is the end result.  Can you guess who this face originated from?  She’s a pretty well known actress……



Here is how my page started……. did you guess Keira Knightley?


Having attempted to paint teeth once before, I decided to give her a closed mouth.  And for the hand, I thought I could make it look like a closed fist.


And here is the final piece.  Really love the hair and even the colors.  The face, well, even with numerous layers of clear gesso, I was having issues with the paint coming off.


As you can tell, I didn’t worry about the fist.  After all it’s a learning process and I was just extremely happy that I finished her!

Hope this week brings cooler weather to you and to me!  Until next time……