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2015 September 2

Hello, hello!

I am happy to say that I finished this journal spread.  Took a while and did have some hiccups with the face.  Walked away from it, came back and worked on it some more.  This back and forth went on for about two weeks.

And here is how she ended up:



I was having issues with the layers of paint coming off (on her cheeks) and thought it would be easier to paint her with her eyes closed.  She’s meditating Smile.


The headband was created using tore pieces of magazine pages in reds and orange and then painted over.  The background was fun, created with lots of layers.


The “Fabulous” is an old rub-on which I thought was perfect.  Perfect because I felt that all things considering, this spread turned out great.


Totally happy with her, lopsided hair and all, lol!

Hope the week is going great for you guys!  Until next time……


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