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Funky Flowers

2015 August 24

Good Monday morning folks!   We’ve had the most awesome weather considering it’s August!  Yesterday was in the lower 80’s with a cool northerly breeze and this morning it’s 54°.  Lovin’ it!

Before heading out to work I wanted to share another chunky 4”x4” canvas.  It’s the same technique I used for my last one except this time I blocked out the flowers with white paint.



Wish I would have doodled the flowers a bit better, lo!  But I do like it.  Not sure which one I like better, the black one from last post or this one.

Well, I better get going.  This will be my first full week working.  Still a little nervous as there is so much to learn but there isn’t anything I can not learn – I firmly believe that!  (And so far I’ve been right – let’s hope that continues, lol.)  It’s the last week of vacation before the girls return to school next Monday and my daughter decided to go back to school (online) which starts today!  Next Monday is a big day for me too.  Lots of changes around here!

You guys have a wonderful day!  Until next time……

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