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Chunky Canvas

2015 August 21

Happy Friday folks!  As promised more projects featuring luscious background layers, this time on 4”x4” chunky canvas.  Love these deep edge canvases even though the small size does make it a bit harder to work on at times.

For this canvas, lots of layers using lots of colors and mark making materials.


Once the background was dry, I loosely sketched out a tulip like flower with black paint and brush followed by “blacking out” everything else.  I then used white paint in a fineline applicator to make the flower pop. 




What do you think?

On the home front, today is day three of my new job.  It’s kicking my rear since it’s standing for eight hours and it’s killing my back and legs.  Guess that’s what happens when one goes from a desk job to one standing at a counter.  

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Until next time…..xoxoxo

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  1. nise permalink
    August 21, 2015

    LIKE!  Don't have that button capability, but I can say it.  Nicely done and I really like the black.  Happy Weekend and I hope your body gets some good rest.

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