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Life Book Week 28 Layers of You

2015 August 10

Helloooooo and happy Monday!  I was MIA and didn’t post last Friday partly because the day at the Zoo (Thursday) totally wore me out.  This past weekend was brutal with heat and humidity.  I think what made it so unbearable was absolutely no breeze!  But it’s supposed to “cool down” this week with less humidity, yay!

Anyhoo, thought I’d share my project for Lifebook 2015 week 28 lesson taught by the wonderful Tam.

The lesson was about painting over faces, like your own photo or magazine faces which by the way is a lot harder than one thinks.  And the end result never looks like the picture you started with. 

Here is the end result.  Can you guess who this face originated from?  She’s a pretty well known actress……



Here is how my page started……. did you guess Keira Knightley?


Having attempted to paint teeth once before, I decided to give her a closed mouth.  And for the hand, I thought I could make it look like a closed fist.


And here is the final piece.  Really love the hair and even the colors.  The face, well, even with numerous layers of clear gesso, I was having issues with the paint coming off.


As you can tell, I didn’t worry about the fist.  After all it’s a learning process and I was just extremely happy that I finished her!

Hope this week brings cooler weather to you and to me!  Until next time……


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