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Just Having Fun

2015 July 31

Happy Friday Folks!

Just popping in to share a journal spread which started out as “junk pages” having used these to clean brushes, brayers, etc. of extra paint.   Several months ago, I just painted a face in the blob of yellow and loved how it reminded me of the moon.  Months go by and I decided to see what I could make out of the face – apparently I didn’t have any creative mojo at that time because all I did was to scribble some circles around the face.  I almost applied gesso over both pages but instead left it alone.

So last week I added some collage and scribbles and you know what, it may not be finished but I had fun and isn’t that what it’s all about?






Yes, I had fun and yes, it was very therapeutic.  You really should try it sometime….. make messy, unfinished art!

Another weekend is upon us, can you believe that school starts in two weeks (around here)?  You know what that means…..Fall is just around the corner!  Yippee!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Until next time……

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  1. nise permalink
    July 31, 2015

    Dang, Girl!  This is like the most perfect moon!  And you had fun!?!  Keep messing around with your cast offs and clean ups.  I think they really allow you to shine.  And how appropriate to see this today — it's a Blue Moon tonight!  Happy Weekend and I'll pop back by in August ;).

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