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Stencil Love with Lynzee Lynx

2015 July 3

Well, this project was supposed to go live last Friday and it would have if I had not posted it as a draft.  So ignore my “have a great holiday weekend” at the end, instead lets start by hoping everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend.  Our weekend was busy with the annual McConnaughey BBQ and fireworks Friday night.  My son in law, Kyle, outdid himself!  Saturday we packed up Sasha and went to visit friends at Paradise Lake.  We didn’t stay for their community fireworks because of Sasha.  The puppy did really good all things considering.  She went in the lake (we knew she’d love that!) but there were a lot of people, pets and lots of loud noises.  Still, lots of fun.  Thanks Kathy, Nick and Sidney – xoxo!  And now to my project…..

As if you couldn’t tell that I jump back and forth between my Life Book art lessons and “other” art, today I thought I’d share my creation for week 25 with Lynzee Lynx.  I’ve actually created quite a bit of art these last couple of days – be forewarned, I was in the card making mood yesterday and created a few cards which means next weeks’ posts will be all cards!

But back to my LB week 25 project.  Creating your own stencils from manila folders.  I kind of went a little crazy and almost didn’t know when to stop:


I’m not a “gold” person but used some gold paint in this project.  I like it.  The base layer is journaling, which is never easy for me. Handwriting was horrible that day, but again…’s all good.  Glad I pushed on and I do like the end result.

Really love that you can see the different layers through the gold and fuchsia paint.


Funny thing was that when I sat down to do this lesson, I wasn’t all that excited about it (again, the journaling) but before I knew it I was cutting shapes and having a blast. 

So are you guys all ready for the 4th of July holiday weekend?  I think I am, sure hope it’s not going to be too hot and humid.  Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you have a wonderful, safe weekend!

Until next time,


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