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So His Eyes are too big

2015 June 29

Hi gang!  Another monday and 4th of July is almost here!  You know what that means, right?  Christmas décor will be in the stores before you know it.

Life Book week 23 was taught by Tam with the theme of Honoring Courage and the Masculine Archetype.  Instead of attempting my take of this lesson on 9”x12” paper, no, I opted for a 12” x 24” deep edge canvas.

Wk23 MasculineOnCanvasFull

All things considering, I am happy with how he turned out, except for the eyes.  I think they are a tad too large.

Wk23 MasculineOnCanvasFace

But LOVE the nose.  It’s a decent looking nose for once!  And I love the hair which was created with India Ink and a dip pen.

Wk23 MasculineOnCanvas1

I have to say that it was kind of weird to create a male portrait and throughout the whole process of creating him, my mantra was “Yes, you can”.   So of course, I added that with some alpha stamps.

Wk23 MasculineOnCanvas2

Some mark making and outlining finished him up.  And then I created another male portrait in my Dylusions Journal which I’ll share in my next post. 

That does it for me today.  Puppy went to the vet for grooming and to have her UA checked – all good there, yay!  I thought she had one last booster shot to go but she lucked out.  She’s all done until next year.  However, she will go back next week for a two day stay to get fixed.  I’m kind of nervous for her.  Anyway, that’s it for me tonight, getting ready to head to Hiawatha to watch Emma’s softball tournament.

Here’s hoping your week started off great!  Until next time, stay cool!


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  1. nise permalink
    June 29, 2015

    Yes, I agree about the eyes.  I was super excited when you mentioned using 2 of my favorite things — ink and dip pen!  You were a brave girl to put him on canvas, but you did just fine.  I like that his "trimmings" are so bright and bold.  Hope Emma and her Grandma had fun at the ballgame.  Doesn't sound like there's much fun in Sasha's life, except maybe lucking out and not needing any more shots for awhile.

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