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A Study of Light and Shadow

2015 June 22

Good morning friends.  It’s another week and it is starting off hot and humid.  Well, the good side of extreme heat and humidity is that when it cools off to 88° or so, and the humidity drops, it will feel great.  

Yesterday we had planned on going to the pool, but it was cloudy and stormy all morning until late afternoon, so I spent some time in my room and finished several projects, yay!  The one I’m sharing today is from my Life Book lesson from  week 21 with Lynn Whipple.   The lesson was honoring light and shadow and as all the other lessons, was great.  I have gotten away from sketching still life in the past year.  Too much going on and even now, I have to really, really force myself to go upstairs.  Anyway,  this apple took me a while.  Not so much the sketching, but adding paint.


But the more I look at it, the more I am liking my green apple.  At the time I kept wishing I had a red apple, thinking it had to be easier to paint a red apple, right?  I kept at it.  I find that I don’t always wait for the paint layers to dry and then get frustrated when the paint mixes.  So walking away often, works for me.

That’s it for me today, tonight I have to do the individual softball pictures of Gracy’s softball team.  Sure hope it cools down by then.  Until next time……


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