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2015 June 17

Happy Hump Day friends.  Can you believe it’s already Wednesday, sheeesh!  Wednesdays is Puppy Daycare for Sasha meaning that she gets to play and frolic with all of her doggie friends at Fantastic Fido’s!  And that means I have a day to mop the floors without someone getting in the way!

Floors are mopped and while I’m waiting for them to dry, I wanted to pop in and share my little angel.  Last year I created an easter basket on canvas (which I posted HERE).  I wasn’t all that happy with the overall canvas so I decided to cover it with gesso and continue working on faces, specifically creating depth with layers.  Because of the paper layers from the basket, this piece has a lot of texture so I refrained from adding more texture with stamps.  Overall I’m pretty happy with her, especially the face.


After adding the dark blue background, I used a wings stencil from StencilGirl Products which was laid on the wet canvas and with a baby wipe removed the paint through the stencil.   It gives just a hint of “wings” which I kind of like.  And yes, the “blessings” alpha stickers show through, again, am ok with that.


One thing I haven’t figured out is if that is a moon or halo behind her head.  It feels more like a halo, don’t you think?

Alright, that’s it for me today.  The floors should be dry so I can move stuff back where they belong and then go up into my art studio to see if the creative muse will emerge…… since I will not have any puppy interruptions Smile.

Until next time, stay cool.  Super, super humid here today, ugh!  Don’t lynch me but I’m already ready for fall (ducking head, lol), and it hasn’t even started yet!


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  1. nise permalink
    June 18, 2015

    Oh, yeah!  You got it with this one.  Love the hint of wings on that gorgeous dark blue background.  Her face is fabulous.  Are your mopped floors as pretty?  Happy weekend — as I slog into Friday (lots of rain here).

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