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Neighborhood Mini Canvas

2015 June 2

Oops, been a while since I’ve posted.  I do have to confess that it’s been nice not having to worry about scheduling posts.  Facebook and Instagram have spoiled me since it’s so much easier and faster to post pictures there.  However, I’m still here and thought I’d share one of the projects I finished up this past weekend.  Amazingly, not worrying about posting deadlines, etc, has actually helped me find my creative mojo.  I tend to work on something for a bit, walk away, start something else and then come back to the previous project.  Whereas before I felt pressured to finish a project in one swoop.  Surprisingly, after taking photos and uploading them, I realized I have quite a few projects to share, yay!

Today I thought I’d share my little “neighborhood” canvas.  Actually I created this on one of those canvas alphabet letters which I found in the clearance bin at Michaels.  All they had left was the letter “I”…… perfect substrate, don’t you think?


The canvas started out painted completely black with black gesso.  Then I used washi tape to create the buildings which were covered with paint.  I’m starting to think about the Iowa craft fair this October.  My “house” canvases and wooden houses sold out so I thought I’d better start on some more.  Plus, houses or buildings are a wonderful project for me when I don’t “feel” in the mood to create or can’t think of anything new to create.  In other words, when I don’t have any mojo, these type of projects are perfect for me.


To create that glow around the buildings, I used oil pastels which were blended out with my fingers.


I didn’t add any extra texture with stamping like I usually do.  Just because…… it felt finished.  This little neighbor hood which measures about 5” long by 3” is perfect to sit on a shelf.  I may have to go back to Michaels to check if there are any “I” canvas letters left.

That’s it for me today.  Until next time……


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  1. nise permalink
    June 2, 2015

    Vibrant & Funky!  Glad that you're enjoying creating, but not that you're thinking "October"!  It hasn't felt like late spring around here yet.  I need more, much more, sunshine and 70s first. Looking forward to seeing what else you've been up to.

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