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Life Book Week 18

2015 May 13

Hi friends,

Wanted to share my project for Lifebook 2015 week 18 lesson which was taught by Kristin Van Valkenburgh.  Wonderful lesson – all about “looking at you kid”.   For this lesson we had the option of including a picture of ourselves.  Much as I don’t like “selfies”, I snapped a quick picture and went with it, even though every fiber in my being told me to just go the lesson without a picture or to cut a picture out of a magazine.  Yay me, right?  It also included a letter we had to write to ourselves.  Another thing that is hard for me.

Anyway, lots of inky, paint play, as well as embossing paste and stencils.  Washi tape and yes, glitter.  The picture was printed out onto matte photo paper and glued to the page with a glue stick.  Then when I had some paint that accidentally covered the bottom of my chin, I discovered (ahem, remembered is more like it) that the cut out photo wasn’t sealed and rubbing with a baby wipe will smudge the photo paper.  I’m going to fix it by re-printing the photo, trimming it and gluing it right on top of the messed up on.



Had some fun with embossing paste and Donna Downey’s stencil. Once dry, I rubbed some oil pastel over the raised edges.


The stars got some bling…..still not a big fan of glitter, lol.  I always make such a mess.


A close up of the door that houses my letter to myself.  I just used washi tape to keep it closed.  I tried to use a different type of closure with ribbon but didn’t like how it looked.  Washi tape looks and works so much better.


Inside the door with the letter extended.


And my “child” art.  Created just like a kid.  No thought and with my fingers.  Ah, to be a kid again!


I’ll be honest, my heart (and head) wasn’t completely into the lesson.  Too many distractions and if I don’t start getting into the “creative” mood, someone send the art squad plllleeeaaaasssseeee!   Anyhow, am pretty proud of me that I’m still keeping up (not that one has to) especially when not in the mood to be creative.

Until next time…….stay dry!  More rain on the way here!


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