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2015 March 4

Ah yes, shadows.  I still have a hard time creating realistic shadows on faces.  I have to look at a photo or something to try to paint accurate shadows on faces.  For this art journal spread, however, I did no such thing, instead focused on having fun creating the background, using paints, stencils and household objects. Then I looked at the background and decided to incorporate it into a face.  Eyes are bit too large for the face but I really like the funky face color.


Because my page had originally started out with gray paint through the Prima Chevron stencil which I had used as journal lines, they still show through all the painty layers.


I did add more journaling using Dina Wakley's The Basics stencil (the sun rays) and added scribbly hair.



I'm calling her my "Shadow Abandon" girl and was being funny when I added the "understanding of shadows", because I still have a lot to learn about shadows.


But I have to tell you, this page was fun.  It is fun to not care how a page or a face turns out.  Total freedom!  

Until next time, 

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  1. nise permalink
    March 4, 2015

    It's flippin freaky cold in Kansas because your girl is blue!  Knit her a scarf!  Lips are nifty, as is the hair.  Her eyes are a bit big, but I'm guessing she got a peek at the thermometer.  So happy to read you are happy making art.  That's what it's all about.  Well, except that I'm happy to gawk at your art, too.  

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