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Channeling Dina

2015 February 13

If you follow me, you know that my "art" muse comes and goes.  Some days I create awesome stuff, other days not so much.  The reason is mainly my own fault – I'm my own worst critic!  Then there are days when I could care less about the "beauty" of a page, needing just to journal my thoughts and emotions onto a page.  And that's when I try to channel Dina Wakley, :-).


I had cleaned my Casey stencil by laying it on a piece of regular notebook paper (a long while back) and really liked the print I got, so I kept it.  I decided to cut it out and glue it onto the page.  The art journal page was a "mop up excess paint and inks" page which I covered with a light layer of gesso using a brayer, then I added the black gesso followed by Dina's heavy body paint in Night in the center of the page making sure the cut stencil image would fit within the black/dark space.  Outlining the stencil print with black stabilo and then journaled in black pens as well as white pen.  However, the white pen didn't show up really well, so I tried my white Conte pastel pencil and loved how that showed up on the dark paint.  


Added one of Heidi Swapp's Watercolor tags which I had used to soak up some excess ink sprays.


And there you have it.  A wild page but I felt a whole lot better after getting it completed.  And wild it may be, but I totally love it.

You guys have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Valentine's Day!  Until next time…..


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  1. nise permalink
    February 13, 2015

    Really do like this gal — cool, splotchy look — and your tag.  Your art should always be about pleasing yourself or maybe now and then the grandgirls.  Stay warm and well.  Happy Weekend!

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