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2015 January 21

Yup, I reworked my original Make Art Challenge project.  It was just too "busy".  First order of business – gesso and a brayer.  Once that was dry, I added Distress Stains which look awesome over gesso (I think).  I had some watered down black gesso in a fine tip plastic bottle and used it to draw flower stems and leaves.  While those were drying, I took Viva Decor Gloss Gel and outlines the embossed sunbeams. 

Letting that dry completely over night, the next morning I added Koi watercolors inside the leaves and over the textured sunbeams.  The gloss gel acted as a border which kept the watercolor from spreading outside of the "petals".  


I love the results.  The white gesso and the underlayers created such a cool resist/two tone effect.


MakeArtRework2I used some scrap watercolor paper which had been used as a "sponge" for cleaning my watercolor brush to channel Joanne Sharpe and create the letters for the title.  These were cut out, glued to the page and then doodled around.  And since this is a journal, I wrote around the flowers jotting down some thoughts about this page and about the many layers.  To darken the edges, I had a piece of charcoal which I had used on another project and decided to add a thin line around the edges, which I then blended with a blending stump. So there you have it.  The AFTER:


Here is the BEFORE:

What do you think?  Better or worse?  I think it's better.  The before was just way too busy.

Until next time…..

Supplies Used to re-work page spread:


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  1. nise permalink
    January 22, 2015

    AWESOME!!! Yes, the rework is perfect.

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