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Recycled Board

2014 November 26

I picked up this board at the thrift store.  Not quite sure exactly what it was but I thought it was perfect to alter. So alter it I did and of course, the “Merry Christmas” sparkly ornament is slightly crooked. Sigh.  Anyway, it ended up like this:


But first let me share what the back of this thing looked like – the front was smooth.  I obviously forgot to snap pictures before adding a coat of gesso, but you get the picture.


On the one side, in the middle, was this opening and although it’s the back, I wanted to close it.  Instead of running downstairs looking for wood putty, I used Wendy Vecchi’s Embossing Paste, which worked wonderfully. (Ugh sorry did not snap a picture AFTER using the embossing paste).


The front was covered with paper pieces, then paint, ink sprays, stencils and of course glitter.  The tree was cut out of scrap paper, then covered with strips of different papers – going through my scrap basket and grabbing every piece of green and greenish paper!  Trimmed the papers after it was dry, then glued it to the board.  Using paint, gelatos and big brush markers, added depth and shadows.  Texture was added using stamps and rub ons.  It took me several days to finish this because I would come back to it and add more swipes of paint with my fingers or adding another stamp. 




The red sparkly “Merry Christmas” is a plastic ornament that actually had two holes along the top which I just snipped off.  I always fail to mention that I seal all of my pieces with gloss glue n seal which I did before gluing the greeting down.  And like I said, it’s slightly crooked and looking at it now, I will probably go back and add some “shadows” underneath the greeting with my darker gray big brush marker.  (Boy, I must be tired, can not seem to compose more than a sentence at a time.)AlteredWoodPanelTree3

Regardless, I’m pleased that this thrift store panel only sat in my art room for two weeks, instead of years as is the norm, before I altered it.


That’s it for me folks.  After work tonight I will probably try and relax and get up early tomorrow morning to do some cooking.  We are going over to the neighbors so I don’t have too much to prepare.

If you are traveling – be safe and most importantly have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


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2 Responses
  1. nise permalink
    November 26, 2014

    This is sure pretty!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Sue Lelli permalink
    December 2, 2014

    LOVE this altered wood!  Would not have even noticed the crooked part except you pointed it out!  LOVE the BG, the tree and the gifts!  FAB project Micki!

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