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Chunky Houses…..

2014 May 16

and a couple of smaller whimsical houses.  I finished them, yay!  This time I had hubby cut two from a 4×4” piece and had him cut one end from each side to form the pointed roof.  The other two were from regular 1×2” pieces of scrap wood.   I shared what they looked like with some gelli printed papers and paint, and they didn’t look too pretty:

It amazes me how gelatos and brush markers along with some stenciling, stamping and rub-ons changed these houses from “blah” to “not so bad”.  First up is one of the chunky houses:


Two sides of the roof (above) came about by painting the roof then dragging the Catalyst wedge tool through the still wet paint.  Before I painted the roof, I had applied Walnut Stain Distress Stain and let that dry.  The other two sides of the roof where already dry and because I liked the dot texture from the gelli printed paper, I left these alone.


I had just gotten the Junkyard Findings Metal Door Signs in my eP package and used one on one side of the house.  The pink mulberry paper was from my scraps. 

Next is my second chunky house.  The roof on this one was created by stenciling Studio 490’s Brick Wall Stencil onto a recycled paper bag, which then torn into pieces and glued on to the roof.  I used scrap pieces of canvas for the door and scrap pieces of paper for the windows.




I had some scrap canvas circles and my thought was to use those as windows.  It looks more like an owl face, with the birdcage rub on.  I used some Viva Décor Clear Gloss Gel in the centers.  I figure, this will be side that will be the “back”.


Now to my smaller houses:





The roof on the next house was stenciled with embossing paste.  Some of the dried embossing paste came off so I stenciled over that part of the roof with paint.  I think it’s my favorite house out of these 4.  Love the checkerboard roof and that blue/green color!





I colored all the windows and doors first with paint, then with Silks Acrylic Glazes!  And it wouldn’t be a “Micki” project if I didn’t add swipes of paint with my fingers, which I did on all of the houses.  Compared to the before, not to shabby, eh?  As a final step, I applied two coats of Glossy Glue N Seal.  The gloss really helped to make everything ‘pop’.   Hubby cut me some more, I might try some 4th of July houses next.  I’m also thinking of trying some spooky Halloween and Christmas houses. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.  So sorry that this post wasn’t up early this morning, but I came home from work yesterday and spent the evening with my face in ice water to help with the burning skin. And today, I received an electric shock through my ear plugs, which is really hurting now.  Yeah, so many signs……. anyway, you guys have a wonderful weekend!



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3 Responses
  1. Sue Lelli permalink
    May 17, 2014

    LOVE them all  but your FAV is my FAV!  Maybe it's the colors and the checkerboard roof?  Love your details like the heart locks and the scallop rub ons?  So creative, Micki!  So inspiring!

  2. nise permalink
    May 17, 2014

    My favorite is the first one!  These are all great except the creepy owl eyes.  It was actually starting to be my favorite til I saw those.  Once again,  you did a total save. I hope your weekend is restful and healing.  

  3. May 19, 2014

    Oh Micki!  I L0VE, LOVE, LOVE your little houses!   so fun with their miss matched windows, doors, colors, angles – Wonderful bright colors and little pieces attached here and there –   a fabulous whimsical little village!!   Well done!  I've got to print these out so I can try some on my own with yours as guidance!!

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