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Art Fairy Doll..

2013 December 4

Hi everyone, several weeks ago I posted about my Art Fairy Doll over on the eP blog and wanted to share it here too.

I always surprise myself when I finish a project, either because I had no idea about what to create, or colors, mediums, etc.  or because the end result is way off what I had originally intended.  But that's the fun about art and mixed media!

Earlier this year I had found these doll body parts at a garage sale for a buck.  

Bought it and promptly forgot about it once I got home.  Well, upon moving my art stuff upstairs, I found them.  First thing I did was to apply a coat of gesso on all the parts.  Next I applied tissue paper over the face, part of the neck, legs and hands.  I also used some of my gelli prints for the body and part of the legs.

The rest of the 'exposed' body parts were painted.  Feet were painted black; face, neck, hands and part of the legs were painted a flesh color.  The rest were colored with green which I thought accented the gelli printed paper.

Wanting to add some texture and color, I mixed embossing paste with Silks Acrylic Glaze and applied that through a stencil with a palette knife.

Adding more interest with more stencils using paint, distress ink and Faber-Castell Big Brush marker and stamps:

I was really nervous about the face.  I've not had time to keep up with my sketching of faces and you know the saying….'use it or loose it' which also applies to drawing abilities, at least in my case.

The face was sketched with pencil and then filled in with paint.  I made sure to erase the pencil lines first and after the paint was dry, I dabbed some gel medium over her face so that I could add depth, dimension and shadows with Faber-Castell Big Brush markers. I added Distress Ink around the edges,  added rub-ons and sealed all the parts with a coat of gel medium.

For the 'Art Fairy' title, I used Idea-ology's Alpha letters on a piece of tag card stock. I cut the square apart and glued it to her hands using a piece of popsicle stick to help secure the pieces to her hand.

Poking two holes on her shoulder edges allowed me to use Idea-ology Fastners to secure a piece of wire to the back so she can be hung up.  I love these fasteners because the prongs are longer than the standard brads.

And she was done and I was extremely happy with how she turned out.  I don't know why I was so worried. 

I so wish I had time to create a couple more of these dolls, or mixed media canvases, but right now I'm knee-deep in making cards for that card order.  I haven't even started on making our Christmas cards and I'm seriously contemplating just buying a small pack.  But I just can't do that, just like I couldn't say no to this card order.  I really must learn to say "No"  indecision.

That's it for me today, my lunch is almost over.  Tonight's agenda…..more cards!  Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time…..

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