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She is……Getting There!

2013 November 7

Hi friends,  yes I'm still around.  Still moving supplies upstairs.  I'm getting there and am determined to have everything upstairs in the room and put away by Saturday.  With the current chaos, I have not been able to create anything and that is driving me crazy.

So I had hoped to show you how I fixed (or altered) my journal page from my previous post, but the journal is hidden underneath (or in) boxes.  Instead I am going to share the two page spread I had posted on the eP blog last week.  The theme is really fitting, well, sort of.  

This spread was fun, even if the numerous layers of paint, stamps, stencils and rub-ons were the result of some bad color choices smiley.  (product links at end of post)

Lots of times, I will start pages by covering them with papers or tissue and then come back to them later.  That was the case with these pages.  They started out covered with tissue wrap and coffee filter papers – glued down with matte medium.  After that I used them randomly to clean stencils, stamps or paint brushes and ended up looking like this:

At one point, not knowing exactly what I was going to create on this, I covered the whole thing with clear gesso. Anyway, I got one of Donna Downey's new large face stamps which I really wanted to use.  So first step – color!  Out came the Dylusion Inks Sprays and a water mister:

After several additions of inks the pages ended up looking like this:

Loved it but it was too busy for the stamp.  So to prepare a spot for the face stamp, I added white gesso, which was scraped on.  The gesso re-activated the inks which was totally ok with me:

Next came a layer of stamps and stencils:

(I had to cover half of the stencil up with more white gesso – kinda forgot about leaving room for the stamp).  I must have had some dark paint left on my foam applicator because it turned the orange a bit muddy.  And the longer I looked at it, I didn't like it.  But before I did anything, I wanted to add the stamp.  I applied Distress Paint directly onto the stamp:

I then stamped onto the page.  Because of the lumps and bumps of the layers, I didn't get a dark enough image of the stamp to suit me.  To clean the stamp, I flipped to an empy page in my art journal and stamped again, then cleaned the stamp with stamp cleaner.

Next I missed some Dylusions Ink Spray with white gesso and brushed it onto my Market Street Honeycomb stamp, stamping randomly across the pages.

I also added circles with random household objects and some straight lines with the scrapper.

Then it was time to address that dirty orange doily stencil.  I covered it up with fresh orange paint and another stencil and then added some more Dylusions Ink Spray on top with yet another stencil.

To darken the face stamp, I inked it up with black archival ink and using my old stamp positioner, stamped on top of first stamped impression.  After that it was just a matter of adding more texture using stamps and rub-ons. Then I pounced black paint through the quote stencil from Fancy Pants' Adventure set, outlined with my white gel pen.  Oh and I did add a neck and jaw line to the face :-).

A whole lot of fun to get to the end result.  If you want to read a more indepth of the evolution of this art journal spread, you can check it out HERE!

Now, I wish I could say that "getting there is half the fun" applied to setting up my new craft room.  I'm pretty sure the end result will be the fun part.  Getting there is turning out to be a pain :-) 

Thanks for stopping by and I PROMISE, back to normal next week with pictures of the room.


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  1. November 7, 2013

    This is absolutely GORGEOUS!  LOVE everything about it and SHE is PRETTY!

  2. November 11, 2013

    Great pages, thanks for the share. Kim

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