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Stencil Love with Lynzee Lynx

2015 July 3
by Micki

Well, this project was supposed to go live last Friday and it would have if I had not posted it as a draft.  So ignore my “have a great holiday weekend” at the end, instead lets start by hoping everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend.  Our weekend was busy with the annual McConnaughey BBQ and fireworks Friday night.  My son in law, Kyle, outdid himself!  Saturday we packed up Sasha and went to visit friends at Paradise Lake.  We didn’t stay for their community fireworks because of Sasha.  The puppy did really good all things considering.  She went in the lake (we knew she’d love that!) but there were a lot of people, pets and lots of loud noises.  Still, lots of fun.  Thanks Kathy, Nick and Sidney – xoxo!  And now to my project…..

As if you couldn’t tell that I jump back and forth between my Life Book art lessons and “other” art, today I thought I’d share my creation for week 25 with Lynzee Lynx.  I’ve actually created quite a bit of art these last couple of days – be forewarned, I was in the card making mood yesterday and created a few cards which means next weeks’ posts will be all cards!

But back to my LB week 25 project.  Creating your own stencils from manila folders.  I kind of went a little crazy and almost didn’t know when to stop:


I’m not a “gold” person but used some gold paint in this project.  I like it.  The base layer is journaling, which is never easy for me. Handwriting was horrible that day, but again…’s all good.  Glad I pushed on and I do like the end result.

Really love that you can see the different layers through the gold and fuchsia paint.


Funny thing was that when I sat down to do this lesson, I wasn’t all that excited about it (again, the journaling) but before I knew it I was cutting shapes and having a blast. 

So are you guys all ready for the 4th of July holiday weekend?  I think I am, sure hope it’s not going to be too hot and humid.  Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you have a wonderful, safe weekend!

Until next time,


Another attempt

2015 July 1
by Micki

As I mentioned in my last post, I wasn’t very happy with the eyes on my male portrait.  I thought they were too big but since I was working on canvas, I finished him.  Then I immediately decided to do another male in my Dylusions Journal.  This time I followed Tam’s lesson closely and created a male angel.  The spread isn’t completely done, the background needs a bit more BUT I was focused on him and yes, even with the purple hair HE is finished.

Wk23 MasculineInJournalFull

Wk23 MasculineInJournal1

Damn, another great nose AND ears!  Yay for me, lol.  I had fun working on him and must say that I love the many layers of his skin.

Hope your week is going great!  Until next time…..


So His Eyes are too big

2015 June 29
by Micki

Hi gang!  Another monday and 4th of July is almost here!  You know what that means, right?  Christmas décor will be in the stores before you know it.

Life Book week 23 was taught by Tam with the theme of Honoring Courage and the Masculine Archetype.  Instead of attempting my take of this lesson on 9”x12” paper, no, I opted for a 12” x 24” deep edge canvas.

Wk23 MasculineOnCanvasFull

All things considering, I am happy with how he turned out, except for the eyes.  I think they are a tad too large.

Wk23 MasculineOnCanvasFace

But LOVE the nose.  It’s a decent looking nose for once!  And I love the hair which was created with India Ink and a dip pen.

Wk23 MasculineOnCanvas1

I have to say that it was kind of weird to create a male portrait and throughout the whole process of creating him, my mantra was “Yes, you can”.   So of course, I added that with some alpha stamps.

Wk23 MasculineOnCanvas2

Some mark making and outlining finished him up.  And then I created another male portrait in my Dylusions Journal which I’ll share in my next post. 

That does it for me today.  Puppy went to the vet for grooming and to have her UA checked – all good there, yay!  I thought she had one last booster shot to go but she lucked out.  She’s all done until next year.  However, she will go back next week for a two day stay to get fixed.  I’m kind of nervous for her.  Anyway, that’s it for me tonight, getting ready to head to Hiawatha to watch Emma’s softball tournament.

Here’s hoping your week started off great!  Until next time, stay cool!


Shadows & Light Face Sketch

2015 June 26
by Micki

TGIF, hope everyone is having a great Friday.  Storms came through last night and the temperature is lower, although the humidity is still up there.  I’ll take it, anything is better than the previous two days.

I wanted to share a quick black and white face sketch I did with charcoal and a black Stabilo Marks All pencil.  It was a practice piece for week 22.  I made several and used the other one to scan, then print for the transfer technique which resulted in the piece I shared on Wednesday.  The other piece really spoke to me.  I love the loose lines and that I can still see the brush strokes.  I tend to blend paints too much.  Nothing wrong with that, it just makes it hard for me to do loose type of paintings.

LB Wk22 Scan

I left this piece simple, just the girl – and decided to frame her.  To me she looks awesome!

Yesterday was spent going with my daughter to my granddaughter’s specialist appointment in Kansas City.  Gracy cracks me up.  While waiting to have blood drawn, Gracy and Emma were talking about not liking needles, etc.  Emma was talking about her last time she had blood drawn, when Gracy cuts in and in a matter of face tone tells Emma “It’s not about you today, today it’s all about me!”  LOL, love those girls.  Anyway, on the way home we stopped at IKEA and had lunch.  And there went the day!  Plus with the impending storm, my finger and hand joints were killing me.  Today is much better, so am hoping I get to spend some time with my art supplies and be creative.

You guys have a wonderful weekend!  Until next time…..


Life Book Week 22 with Jeanne Oliver

2015 June 24
by Micki

Happy Wednesday folks!  You know what that means, puppy is at doggy daycare for the day which gives me some “me” time.  Hoping to spend a couple of hours in my studio and be creative.  Today is another hot day, yesterday was P E R F E C T!!!!! No humidity and cool.  Today, not so much.  And the constant changes in barometric pressure is killer on my bones and ligaments.  But enough about that.  Today I wanted to share my project for my Life Book week 22 lesson with Jeanne Oliver, where we continued to study light and shadows.

We did a portrait image transfer which we then painted.  We also used magazine cut outs to collage the hair and the shirt.


This little lady has lots of layers and I did have problems on the face. But I continued for several days and am overall happy with the end result.  The background is gray paint with marks scratched into it while the paint was still wet.   Hubby said it reminded him of those Russian folkart dolls. 

Well, that’s it for me,  housework is done.  Now it’s time for some Ibuprofen and lunch and then it’s upstairs to get painty.

You guys have a wonderful day and stay cool!


A Study of Light and Shadow

2015 June 22
by Micki

Good morning friends.  It’s another week and it is starting off hot and humid.  Well, the good side of extreme heat and humidity is that when it cools off to 88° or so, and the humidity drops, it will feel great.  

Yesterday we had planned on going to the pool, but it was cloudy and stormy all morning until late afternoon, so I spent some time in my room and finished several projects, yay!  The one I’m sharing today is from my Life Book lesson from  week 21 with Lynn Whipple.   The lesson was honoring light and shadow and as all the other lessons, was great.  I have gotten away from sketching still life in the past year.  Too much going on and even now, I have to really, really force myself to go upstairs.  Anyway,  this apple took me a while.  Not so much the sketching, but adding paint.


But the more I look at it, the more I am liking my green apple.  At the time I kept wishing I had a red apple, thinking it had to be easier to paint a red apple, right?  I kept at it.  I find that I don’t always wait for the paint layers to dry and then get frustrated when the paint mixes.  So walking away often, works for me.

That’s it for me today, tonight I have to do the individual softball pictures of Gracy’s softball team.  Sure hope it cools down by then.  Until next time……


Stencil Clean Up Equals Framed Art

2015 June 19
by Micki

TGIF, yay!  I think today is going to be a relatively decent day as far as temperature and humidity is concerned.  Tomorrow though, they are already calling for heat advice due to extreme humidity, sigh.  And we have puppy training……outside!

As for my project today.  Remember last year when my granddaughter Emma and I spent a day with paint and brayer and made backgrounds (post is here)?   I have these background pieces hanging off a shelf so that I can either grab them or maybe “see” something in them.  I’ve already used several of the backgrounds (like my first “Picasso” type face) and at one point used the red/orange/yellow brayered background paper to soak up excess spray ink from another project using the Free Spirit Prima Stencil.  (BTW, I will probably re-do that one too!)

I liked the watercolor look and decided to just add a bit of color to the feathers using Splash of Color Silks Acrylic Paints.  To help define her from the background, white paint was blended around her and on her face.



I found the perfect red frame at Ikea and love how she looks in the frame!


That’s it for me today.  Babysitting all three grandkids this afternoon, haven’t decided if I should take the 4th kid (puppy Sasha) as I’m sure mayhem will happen, lo!

You guys stay cool and dry and have a wonderful weekend!



2015 June 17
by Micki

Happy Hump Day friends.  Can you believe it’s already Wednesday, sheeesh!  Wednesdays is Puppy Daycare for Sasha meaning that she gets to play and frolic with all of her doggie friends at Fantastic Fido’s!  And that means I have a day to mop the floors without someone getting in the way!

Floors are mopped and while I’m waiting for them to dry, I wanted to pop in and share my little angel.  Last year I created an easter basket on canvas (which I posted HERE).  I wasn’t all that happy with the overall canvas so I decided to cover it with gesso and continue working on faces, specifically creating depth with layers.  Because of the paper layers from the basket, this piece has a lot of texture so I refrained from adding more texture with stamps.  Overall I’m pretty happy with her, especially the face.


After adding the dark blue background, I used a wings stencil from StencilGirl Products which was laid on the wet canvas and with a baby wipe removed the paint through the stencil.   It gives just a hint of “wings” which I kind of like.  And yes, the “blessings” alpha stickers show through, again, am ok with that.


One thing I haven’t figured out is if that is a moon or halo behind her head.  It feels more like a halo, don’t you think?

Alright, that’s it for me today.  The floors should be dry so I can move stuff back where they belong and then go up into my art studio to see if the creative muse will emerge…… since I will not have any puppy interruptions Smile.

Until next time, stay cool.  Super, super humid here today, ugh!  Don’t lynch me but I’m already ready for fall (ducking head, lol), and it hasn’t even started yet!



2015 June 15
by Micki

Good morning folks and happy Monday!  Trying to stay cool here, how about you?  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Today I wanted to share a couple of masculine cards for the men.  I created the first card for my SIL’s birthday earlier this month.  And decided to go ahead and create several versions of the card in preparation for the October craft fair in Iowa.

The cards are real simple.  Paint splatters onto watercolor card stock, then stamped the tools in Staz-On ink.  Now that little wrench you see as the focal point on some of the cards, are those cheap thin wrenches that come in furniture kits and we seem to have quite a few of them.  I never throw them away (luckily) but really never use them again.  So they are PERFECT to use on cards and I’m glad I thought of it.



Like I mentioned, I made several versions.  On the next card, I decided to leave any metal tool embellishments off.  It just looked better:




Although I said I had quite a few of those “kit” tools, I decided to just use some screws on the next card.


I have to say that I had fun creating these cards and they came together really quickly!!  The great thing about these cards is that I can change the sentiment to Happy Father’s Day and voila, card for Dad!

Hope you have a great start to your week.  Until next time….. stay cool!


Channeling Micki Wilde

2015 June 12
by Micki

Happy Friday folks!  I’m happy to report that we had a break in the weather, yay!  Last night it cooled off to a wonderful 68°.  Wednesday, we hit a 101° in the sun.  Frankly, I’m already done with the heat.  And I think the puppy is too!  If this is any indication of how the summer is planning to go, I’m in trouble.

A couple of weeks ago, I worked on a mixed media girl, attempting to channel Micki Wilde.  I love her classes and love how she adds layers and layers to her faces, giving them such depth.

I finished the girl, but felt that the hair and the background needed a little more.  Stepping away from her for several days, I asked for feedback in the Wilde and Free Facebook group.  Went back added a sentiment as suggested and added some more paint to the hair and framed her.


I have get a new piece of glass, this one has a small chip in the upper left hand corner.

The sentiment is from Ten Seconds Studio.  Love the size of this stamp!  Stamped with Staz-On onto tissue paper, then glued to the piece.ChannelingMickiFinalQuote

I’m still not all that happy with the overall look of the background BUT, the girls is the focus.  Here is how she looked before adding the sentiment and additional touches to her hair:


Some close up shots, taken before I added those finishing touch:




You can definitely tell how “flat” the hair looked but I am really pleased with the depth of her face/skin.

That’s it for me this morning.  Due to extreme joint pain in my hands, woke up at 1:30 A.M. so I suspect I’ll be taking a nap at some point in the day.  That is if Ms. Sasha the puppy allows it!

Until next time,  have a wonderful weekend!