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Life Book Week 24 Happy Painting

2015 July 27
by Micki

Hi friends,

I finally got a chance to take some pictures of my Lifebook 2015 projects.  I’m still keeping up, somewhat – but it’s not about keeping up with the weekly lessons, right?

This “Happy” painting was created in my Dylusions journal after watching Juliette Crane’s lesson for week 24.

Totally let loose, can you tell?




It may not be pretty but it sure is happy Smile.  Sometimes it feels really good to just go for it, sling everything you can on a page and just have fun!

In other news, I went to the Chiropractor because I haven’t been able to move my head/neck and seriously contemplated going to the ER Saturday night.  No matter which way I sat, laid or moved my head and neck, no relief.  And the Ibuprofen 800mg didn’t even touch the pain.  Still sore and still in pain but a little better.  No fun getting old, huh?!

That’s it for me today, I’ve done absolutely nothing other than run into town to the doctor.  The heat wave is on so maybe not doing anything isn’t such a bad idea!

Until next time, stay cool!


Working Small

2015 July 24
by Micki

TGIF!  Hey guys, happy Friday!  Hope everyone made it through the week ok.  Heat wave is back along with the humidity!  On the bright side, getting closer to fall and I for one can’t wait!

Today I wanted to share two ATCs I created for the Life Book 2015 ATC swap.  I don’t create ATCs often, actually unless you count the altered playing cards I haven’t created an ATC in years.  To me it’s a challenge because you work small and that in itself is challenging when creating faces.  And to be honest, when I started on these ATCs I was mumbling to myself why I had signed up for the swap.  Boy am I glad I did!  I think my ATCs turned out great and I got awesome ATCs in return.


The theme of the swap was Courage so I decided to channel Micki Wilde and create a girl.  The background is from left over watercolor papers that Emma and I had brayered last year.  Like I mentioned earlier, working small is a bit challenging when working on the face but I think she turned out ok.  And I felt really brave in tackling this tiny girl, hence the sentiment which was typed on regular paper, cut and glued to the ATC.

My second ATC was made by using left over scraps.  Left over background papers, some cut strips from left over inked masking tape and a cut out heart.


And once I was done, I was surprised how quickly I was able to complete both ATCs and how much fun they were.  Definitely going to create more of these ATCs.

That does it for me this morning.  Next on the agenda is updating/re-writing my resume because it’s time I start to look for a job.  I needed the six month off after the last two hellish years but it’s time to go back to work and use my brain Smile.

Until next time, have a wonderful weekend!


Black Out Bloom

2015 July 22
by Micki

Morning friends,

Wanted to share the result of my “using up background papers” and decided to use Dina Wakley’s mask with black gesso.  I actually forgot all about it until I found this purple frame which I think accents the purple in the masked leaf.


I thought that it was a bit plain so used a fine tip white gel pen to outline the leaf/bloom.  But in the end, the purple frame pulled it all together!


What do you think?  That’s it for me today, hoping to get into my art room and finish at least one of the many projects on my desk.  Until next time…..


You are enough

2015 July 20
by Micki

Hi folks, happy Monday!

I’m doing the happy dance because Sasha went to the Vet this morning and had her stitches removed and received the all clear, yay!  One reason I’m late in posting, the other reason was grocery shopping, pool with the girls and mowing which hubby is finishing up now.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was great, went to Arkansas to visit my BFF and family!  Always great to get away for a weekend.  Today I wanted to share Ella (that’s what I’m calling her).


She looks pretty damn good in the frame, don’t you think?  Lots of tiny mistakes which gives this girl character and the hair technique I learned from Micki Wilde’s online classes.  Only problem that I have is that I forget to add some slow-dry medium to the paint and then I have to hurry to make the scratches before the paint dries.  It’s all good though.


I think I’m slowly getting the hang of the skin, meaning the multiple layers to get some depth.  Now getting the eyes, nostrils and lips to be equal – not so much.

That’s it for me tonight.  Since Sasha got her “all clear” from the vet, she is going to meet the girls’ puppy “Luke” tonight.  Should be fun!

Until next time…..stay cool!


Be Classy

2015 July 17
by Micki

TGIF folks.  Hope you are staying cool and comfy.  I’m back to share another card I put together with left over stenciled ink spray panels.

If I remember correctly, this was created trying to clean a stencil.  I had sprayed Dylusions Ink through the stencil (Tim Holtz Chevron) and spritzed a bit heavy so when I turned the stencil over to blot the excess ink off, this was the result.  I used my craft scraper to add some black and then flicked some watered down red paint with a brush over it all.


The sentiment stamp is one of my favorites and is from Stamper’s Ink Riley and Company.  I didn’t add any embellishment to the card because for me, the background is enough.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the background.  Definitely going to make more!

Keeping it short today.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Until next time…..


Dylusions and Stencils equals Love

2015 July 15
by Micki

Hi gang,

It’s already Wednesday and I’m just now getting around to posting those mixed media cards I was talking about last week.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We had a great weekend, kicking it off with Gracy’s birthday party on Saturday, followed by going to Schlitterbahn on Sunday.  Needless to say, I needed all of Monday to recover, lol!

Since storms are approaching (keeping fingers crossed that they will bring cooler temps), I better make this quick.

As you may know, when I “play” with certain products, I tend to create multiples i.e. backgrounds, watercolor backgrounds, stenciled backgrounds, etc..  So I found my watercolor panels created with Dylusions Sprays, stencils and a variety of caps and tubes.  Some of the panels also feature some stamping (on the background) as in this first card if I felt it needed some black.  Then I dug out my sentiment stamps and voila, gorgeous cards quick and easy!


The next card is just Dylusions Ink and a stencil.  Yeah, it maybe could have used some black, but I liked it just as is.


I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE the vibrancy of the ink colors on the white cards.  Really makes those stenciled backgrounds pop, don’t you think?

My next card has the same colored/stenciled background but I paired it with another sentiment stamp from Stamper’s Ink – Riley and Co..  I added black backing panels and to dress the card up a bit, a button and twine. I did add some white and black circles using caps and cardboard tubes and a lego block.


C’mon, you gotta admit that you LOVE the sentiment! Smile

Alright folks, that’s it for me today!  Hope everyone is having a good week!  Until next time…..


Be Kind

2015 July 10
by Micki

Since I’ve been working with 4”x4” deep edge canvases, I created on with a face from Dina Wakley’s Face in the Crowd stamp set.


I stamped her onto tissue paper, glued it to the canvas and then painted her with Dina’s heavy body paints.  Really looks all painterly, not at all like a stamped image.


Again, filling in small faces with paint is rather daunting and I find that I do fat-finger and smudge paint (see the lips), but overall I’m happy with the result.  I do love these chunky little canvases because they are “thick” enough to stand.

An update on Sasha.  She came home yesterday morning, having spent a night at the vets.  Having stitches certainly hasn’t slowed her down.  Kind of hard to keep a very active dog from doing things she lives for, i.e. playing fetch and being outside.  Oh and having a collar around her neck to keep her from licking her wound is not something she likes.  Stitches come out in 10 days and we’re to keep her calm and from jumping – r-i-g-h-t!  But we’re so happy to have her back home, even if she is voicing her displeasure of no playtime by whining.

Tomorrow is Gracy’s (middle granddaughter) birthday and part of her present is a trip Sunday to Schlitterbahn.  Since Abby and Emma’s birthdays are next month, the whole family will be making a day of it.  I’m sure I’ll need another whole day to recuperate but am looking forward to Sunday.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!  Until next time….


Fearless with a frown

2015 July 8
by Micki

Happy Wednesday folks.  Kansas City and vicinity have had a heck of a week.  Hubby and I spend Monday at Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun which was super fun and ended the day with tornado sirens and being in a shelter with about 500 other people.  The downpour was something…. lots of flooding, downed lines, trees, etc. but no one was hurt – at least not at the park or surrounding area.  Yesterday was spent being lazy, a sign that we’re not that young anymore and needed to recuperate after Monday.

Today I am sharing my little frowning “fearless” girl.  She just ended up frowning.  I was intend on the layers of the face, which is why the background is rather blah. 




I have to say that working on a small 4”x4” deep edge canvas is rather hard.  Wanted to stop lots of times, but kept coming back to her.  Fearless indeed, Smile.

Today, Sasha is going in to be fixed.  She’ll stay overnight (our decision so that they can keep an eye on her and she can get some pain meds) and we’ll pick her up Thursday morning.  I am nervous, sure hope it doesn’t change her sweet disposition and maybe, just maybe, it’ll settle her down a bit!

That’s it for me, since I’m writing this up Tuesday evening, I’m on my way to watch the youngest granddaughter play T-Ball.  Last game I think.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week.  Until next time……

Stencil Love with Lynzee Lynx

2015 July 3
by Micki

Well, this project was supposed to go live last Friday and it would have if I had not posted it as a draft.  So ignore my “have a great holiday weekend” at the end, instead lets start by hoping everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend.  Our weekend was busy with the annual McConnaughey BBQ and fireworks Friday night.  My son in law, Kyle, outdid himself!  Saturday we packed up Sasha and went to visit friends at Paradise Lake.  We didn’t stay for their community fireworks because of Sasha.  The puppy did really good all things considering.  She went in the lake (we knew she’d love that!) but there were a lot of people, pets and lots of loud noises.  Still, lots of fun.  Thanks Kathy, Nick and Sidney – xoxo!  And now to my project…..

As if you couldn’t tell that I jump back and forth between my Life Book art lessons and “other” art, today I thought I’d share my creation for week 25 with Lynzee Lynx.  I’ve actually created quite a bit of art these last couple of days – be forewarned, I was in the card making mood yesterday and created a few cards which means next weeks’ posts will be all cards!

But back to my LB week 25 project.  Creating your own stencils from manila folders.  I kind of went a little crazy and almost didn’t know when to stop:


I’m not a “gold” person but used some gold paint in this project.  I like it.  The base layer is journaling, which is never easy for me. Handwriting was horrible that day, but again…’s all good.  Glad I pushed on and I do like the end result.

Really love that you can see the different layers through the gold and fuchsia paint.


Funny thing was that when I sat down to do this lesson, I wasn’t all that excited about it (again, the journaling) but before I knew it I was cutting shapes and having a blast. 

So are you guys all ready for the 4th of July holiday weekend?  I think I am, sure hope it’s not going to be too hot and humid.  Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you have a wonderful, safe weekend!

Until next time,


Another attempt

2015 July 1
by Micki

As I mentioned in my last post, I wasn’t very happy with the eyes on my male portrait.  I thought they were too big but since I was working on canvas, I finished him.  Then I immediately decided to do another male in my Dylusions Journal.  This time I followed Tam’s lesson closely and created a male angel.  The spread isn’t completely done, the background needs a bit more BUT I was focused on him and yes, even with the purple hair HE is finished.

Wk23 MasculineInJournalFull

Wk23 MasculineInJournal1

Damn, another great nose AND ears!  Yay for me, lol.  I had fun working on him and must say that I love the many layers of his skin.

Hope your week is going great!  Until next time…..