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I’ll have my cake and eat it too

2015 November 4
by Micki

Hey there friends,

Today I thought I’d share my art journal spread which I had talked about in my last post.  You know, the one where I wasn’t feeling it as far as the background went.  Stepping away from it for a couple of days always helps and even though I’m still not totally happy about the background, I love how the girl turned out.


This journal spread was created after watching my Lifebook 2015 week 43 with Patti Ballard. One of the (many) things I love about Lifebook is the many awesome teachers and all the different techniques, tips and tricks one learns.  I started with the girl and am pretty happy with her.  She actually looked better before I started to add a little more blush to her cheeks.  That didn’t work so well and I had to wipe it off which in turn caused her cheeks to look a bit splotchy.  But I still like her.


As to the cake, I think I’m going to go back and type “I’ll have my cake and eat it too!” on the typewriter and glue it in the cake.  (Just thought of that, lo.)


As for the background.  It started with red, orange and some yellow – didn’t “feel” it, so dug out my Inktense Blocks and turned the whole thing (background) blue.  Well, didn’t like that either, so went with white.  Which I actually like because some of the under layers do show through the white.  However, then I thought it was too plain.  Added some stamping and stencil, then did black paint splatters.  Since it’s in my journal, I’ll leave it as I can always come back to it later.  Next time I’ll do the background first and then do the girl.  I say that now but watch, I’ll do it again just like I did here.  And you know what, that’s perfectly alright!  I had fun and that’s what it is all about, right?!


That’s it for me!  I hope you guys are having this wonderful weather that we are having, although it does play havoc with the sinuses.

Until next time…..


Little Houses of Blue

2015 November 2
by Micki

Hi friends,

Once again I have been a bit absent from blog land.  Only excuse I have is….. KC Royals and severe sinus headaches.  What can I say, I love fall but fall doesn’t like me!  Anyhow, I am here to share two of my altered 2”x4” houses.



I totally forgot to snap a photo of the sides – sorry.  The next one is also a blue house, except I changed the color of the roof to gray.



If you’ve never created 2”x4” wood houses, you should try it.  They are awesome in using up all those bits and pieces of painted papers, gelli prints, ephemera! 

I have a couple more to share later this week (promise).  As for time in the studio….well, perhaps being totally focused on the World Series has zapped the craft mojo but I did finish an art journal page yesterday.  I say “finish” only because I’m at a complete loss on the background and continuing to “fix” it only creates a bigger mess.  The best thing is to just walk away.  I do like part of the spread, which is the girl.  She’s the reason I didn’t just cover it all up and start again.  But you’ll see what I’m talking about in my next post.

And that does it for me!  Until next time……xoxoxo

Row Houses

2015 October 23
by Micki

TGIF!  Hey as promised, I’m back to share my second canvas.  This one features a row of whimsical houses.


Lots of paper piecing, followed with paint, stamps, doodles and rub-ons.  And yes, finished it off with Liquitex Gloss Varnish.



Next week I’ll share a couple of whimsical houses made from blocks of wood.  They were such a huge hit last year and with all the wood we have, I couldn’t help but create a couple of houses.  (They always sell really well at the craft fair Smile)

My plans for the weekend are to clean the house, bake some cakes and hopefully get back into my studio and create something.  It’s been over a week since I got my fingers full of paint.  Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.  Until next time…..


House of Heart

2015 October 21
by Micki

Happy Wednesday folks!  Today I thought I’d share one of the two 4”x12” deep canvases I created.  This one is a single whimsical house. 


I played with some soft Sennelier Oil Pastels around the edge of the house.  I’m thinking I probably shouldn’t have used yellow.  Or maybe used a different color for the background.



Overall though I’m happy with my little whimsical house.  Used paper pieces, washi tape, stickers, stamps and rub-ons and finished it off with gloss varnish.  Love the result of using gloss varnish – looks awesome, although it does make it hard to photograph.

My other canvas also features houses, which I’ll share later this week!  Hope you are having a good week!  Until next time…..


Trick Or Treat

2015 October 19
by Micki

Helloooooo, I’m still alive and thought I’d better pop in.  Clarinda’s craft fair was, as usual, a huge success!  However, it was exhausting!  Took yesterday off and did absolutely nothing – well, except laundry and grocery shopping (one has to eat, right?).

So here I am getting ready for work and wanted to share a Halloween project I finished earlier last week.



Can I just tell you that I am absolutely in love with how the background turned out.  And yes, even the witch which is paper pieced.  I am severely challenged when it comes to paper cutting and proportions.  I’m even happy with the broom, which looked nothing like a broom when I finished the first layer.   Lots and lots of layers and what really finishes it off is Liquitex Gloss Varnish.  I absolutely LOVE how it transforms a piece!!!





This little canvas will be going to a friend who loves (I mean really loves) Halloween!  Other than that, life is good!  Hope your October is going great!

Until next time……


Mini Journal 2

2015 October 7
by Micki

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Just popping in to share the second mini journal I altered.

Just like the last one, I created lots of layers by starting with layers of ephemera, then adding layers of paint with a brayer and added texture with stamps.  This one isn’t as colorful, but I love it.


Kind of looks rustic, doesn’t it?  The picture of the inside covers didn’t turn out, but I think you get the idea – the insides look just like the front and back.

I have one mini journal left to alter, which probably won’t happen until after the craft fair.  However, am so glad I didn’t get rid of these little treasures.

I’m off to take the puppy to doggy daycare and then it’s off to work!  Hope you guys are having a good week!

Until next time…..


Mini Journals Part 1

2015 October 5
by Micki

Hi gang,

Been a while since I posted.  Got busy with work and getting ready for the craft fair which is in a couple of weeks and decided not to fret about the blog.  I have been busy creating even though the mojo wasn’t there.

I’ve had these plain mini journals for several years and was going to get rid of them but then thought to alter them.  So this week I thought I’d share the end result of adding ephemera pieces,  layers of paint with a brayer and then some stenciled flowers which was followed by adding ….what else….more paint!  I followed Lifebook 2015 lesson taught by Roben-Marie Smith.  Lots of fun and again, I surprised myself at the end because I totally loved the end result.

I will tell you that it was awkward to photograph these little books… anyway, here is one of the altered mini journals:




That’s it for me today.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Loving this fall weather except for the horrible sinus headaches and pressure.  But no complaining from me Smile.


Until next time…..


Never Too Late

2015 September 18
by Micki

I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late….for anything!  Even if that means to be a rock star.

Hello and happy Friday.  Another week gone by which means one week closer to Christmas, yikes!

Today I wanted to share another quick card created with a Bonibleaux Designs digi stamp.  (It appears that the store is closed.)  He’s all colored up with Copics and paired with a sentiment from Stampendous (I think).


Looking at him, just makes me smile.  Had several versions of him colored up and created several cards.  I usually tend to change things up but with a stack of colored images to create into cards, I thought I’d stick with one design.


Clean, simple and quick!  I’ve left the inside blank so that a sentiment or greeting can be added as needed.

Still have a box of colored images that I need to finish into cards, but I am pretty happy that I’ve made a small dent in the stack Smile.   Tomorrow is the yard sale, which means I’ll be relaxing Sunday but keeping fingers crossed that I get some time in my studio.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


Rockin’ Beatles

2015 September 16
by Micki

Hey gang and happy Wednesday!  Yup, more cards…. this time we’re rocking – – Beatles style!


Did I ever mention that I apparently am a paper hoarder (and fabric and……..)?  So I am not allowing myself to go down any paper aisles no matter how great of a sale or deal is going on.  Seriously, I’ve got papers from 2006…… my aim now is to use what I have, grrrrrr!

This cute rocker is a digi stamp from Charmed Cards and Crafts, which I cut out with a craft knife and popped him off the card a bit by using dimensional foam dots.  Super simple and quick card and the “You Rock!” stamp is from Unity Stamp Company!


The problem with creating/coloring projects and then letting them sit for months (if not years) is that they tend to get discolored.  I think I left him in the sun…. ugh!  The good news is that unless one looks really, really close, it’s not that noticeable!

One more card coming up this week, then I hope to get back into my mixed media and share some projects where I get messy!  Until next time…..


Sympathy in Green

2015 September 14
by Micki

Hi folks,

It’s another Monday after an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in the Midwest.  My kind of weather; 50’s at night lower 70’s during the day and no humidity!  LOVE it!!!  Pair that with Sunday football and I was in hog heaven.  I cleaned the house Saturday and took the opportunity to find more stuff for the Hwy 36 yard sale which is next Saturday.  Our Labor Day garage sale was a success but we kind of decided to do it at the last minute so we decided to leave the tables set up in the garage and just covered everything with sheets.  Anyhoo, amazing how much more “stuff” I found.  Especially quilt quarters – geez, did not realize I still hoarded so much fabric!

As to my project for today, it’s a simple card.  The center panel which features the embossed leaves was created a year or more ago.  Trying to stick to my goal of finishing projects, I came up with this simple card.  Unfortunately I had to turn it into a sympathy card for my neighbor.



I love these floral type of cards because these can be for a birthday, thinking of you or even a sympathy card.  Next time I should create a bunch of these and by “create” I mean cards – as in completed cards with only the sentiment missing.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Until next time….