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Journal Soup 2….

2014 September 17
by Micki

Yes, another house, this time it’s one of Kate Crane’s whimsical houses painted directly onto a repurposed paper mache  4”x4” display.


I signed up last week for Kate’s Journal Soup 2 online class.  LOVE it as I knew I would. ( I own all 6 of Kate’s DVD). 

Used my typewriter to type out the sentence onto book paper, even carved my own stamp – the swirly circle and stole a couple of the girls’ legos. 






I will tell you that I love online classes or DVDs not only for the learning, but for those times when I can’t think of something creative.  That’s when I will create a project from a lesson – recreating it almost exactly.  Doesn’t make me feel very inventive, but I get my fingers inky and applied a new technique learned.  It’s a win-win.

That’s it for me tonight, I have to make a trip to the city tomorrow for another workman’s comp evaluation.  Apparently they did not like what the KU Med Center physician reported, so they scheduled another appointment this time at St. Luke’s.  Oh and even though the workman’s comp case worker made the appointment at KU, they haven’t paid it and I’m responsible.  Nice, eh?  Working in an office as opposed to say, the shop floor – means that you don’t count.  OSHA doesn’t care and “can’t help me”.  I really don’t understand why there are rules and regulations to “protect the American worker” because no one is held accountable.  Ok off my soap box, can’t say too much…. yet!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Wednesday!  Until next time….. xoxo

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More Houses

2014 September 15
by Micki

This time on a canvas.  Yes, I know, I’m obsessed with houses; wood houses and paper houses on canvas.  What can I say, they are a wonderful project to use up bits and pieces of scrap paper, gelli prints, ephemera, rub-ons and even bling.




I did not add too much texture and kept the background rather plain because I really liked how it turned out with the graduating colors.  Kind of reminds me of a late sunset.  The houses, roofs and windows/doors are scrap papers, some cut but most were torn then covered with several layers of paint. 

I doodled lightly around everything and added some old rub-ons as well as a heart gem and that was about all the art I did this past weekend.  I had a senior shoot on Saturday, which reinforced the point that my body must be too old for this sort of hobby.  It definitely takes me longer to get back up when I lay on the ground for that “different” shot and so I pay for it the next day.  Even the balls of my feet, which I totally don’t understand.  Sigh – getting old Smile.  I did have a girl night with one of my besties, Rhonda, watched one scary movie followed by a funny one.  Much needed “unwind” time and lots of laughter!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend doing what you wanted!  Until next time…..


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Be Strong

2014 September 12
by Micki

TGIF! Good morning friends, just popping in to share a fun art journal spread created with lots of Dylusions Inks and Dina Wakley paints and stencils.

Actually I shared a step-by-step tutorial over on the eP blog yesterday and had meant to post here as well, but we had somewhat of a family emergency resulting in my SIL having an appendectomy.  He is fine and back home resting.  Personally I think he just didn't want to be out done by his middle child, Gracy, who had made a trip to the ER Saturday night because of throwing up blood.  A lot of blood!  She had her tonsils taken out two weeks ago, and had rebounded so awesomely up until last Saturday.  She is fine now too, it was the scabs.  Anyway, head over to the eP blog for lots more pictures and details on how much fun I had creating this spread.

And have a wonderful weekend!


Single Layer Card Challenge

2014 September 10
by Micki

It’s Wednesday and I am hosting our newest challenge over at The Sisterhood of Crafters.   The challenge is to create a single layer card (or tag).  No layers!  Sounds easy, right?  Well, not for me because I tend to always mess up when working directly onto the actual card base, hence I always – always have at least one layer.  And let’s face it, sometimes just adding backing layers can make a total change to the overall appearance to a card. 

You can imagine my apprehension when I started to work on my challenge card.  BUT you know what, I had an ABSOLUTE blast.  And better yet, I got my mixed media on AND created a bright, fun card.  Yay!


See what I mean?  I had so much fun making this card, that I actually made several, deviating a bit since I knew I would be sharing the other cards here on the blog before the challenge was live.

The card base is Mixed Media card stock, masked with Eclipse Strips and then Dylusions Inks were sprayed through stencils. I added a little white gesso where I planned on stamping my image (to hide a boo-boo).  One dry,  I stamped one of the stamps from Dina Wakley’s Faces in the Crowd set, added some washi tape scraps and stamped the sentiment onto the used Eclipse strip.


So what do you think?  I love it, love the clean white edge and the vibrant color of the inks.

Now be sure to hop on over to The Sisterhood of Crafters, to welcome our new September Step-Sisters, get all the details of the challenge and to check out the wonderful inspiration from the rest of the Sisters.  Hope you play along!

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Define Your Moment

2014 September 8
by Micki

Good Monday eve!  I’m a little late getting this post up.  Today would have been my grandfather’s birthday.  I miss him every day, especially when I’m in my art studio since he was an artist.  Anyway, a day of missing him terribly and wishing once again that I had gotten this artsy bug while he was still here.

So, you know I love me my gelli prints, right?  Last Friday evening, I grabbed my box of prints, my tube of gel medium and my lap desk, plopped myself down on the couch with hubby and while watching a movie, ripped and tore my gelli prints and glued them down onto some mixed media card stock.

Then I used my black Stabilo All pencil and sketched a face:


Sunday I proceeded to fill her in with color.  I had a mild headache all day, so this face seemed to take all day.  Didn’t know what to do in regards to hair, paint it in or use tore pieces of tissue wrap?  I opted for the torn pieces of tissue wrap:


I went over the tissue wrap hair with paint but you can still see the tissue underneath.  The quote is from an old stamp set from The Angel Company, stamped onto regular note paper and cut apart.

To hide the uneven gelli print edges and some of the white of the card stock, I just framed each edge with washi tape.







Not too happy with the hair, I smudged gelato with my finger which I shouldn’t have done, I think.  But, you’d be proud of me, I didn’t go back and fiddle with it.  All in all, the face didn’t take too long but then with a headache I wasn’t going to over analyze about the skin color, or even if I created the shadows right.  It is what it is Smile.

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and glorious Monday!  I’m heading to bed (yes, it’s only 7:10 PM) and hope I’ll get rid of this headache!

Thanks for stopping by!  xoxoxo

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Plastic Photo Cubes

2014 September 3
by Micki
Happy Wednesday gang!
Last week I had some plain old fun spraying Dylusions Ink sprays, creating drips and splatters and then adding paint through stencils.  Then I cut everything into 4×4 panels.  This was followed by gathering several stamps and sticker sheets which were added to each of the panels.  

Now what?  I went into my closet and my eyes fell on two clear photo cubes. Oh yeah! Perfect way to display all these 4×4 panels each with an uplifting phrase or sentence. 



Got to use up some of my never ending old rub-ons :-).

I believe I will take my cubes to work and stack them on my desk.  The bright colors alone are sure to cheer me up. 

And speaking of work, I better get going!  Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time….


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Dina Wakley Whimsical House

2014 September 1
by Micki

Hey friends!

Happy Labor Day.  We had one hell of a storm blow through late evening yesterday.  I’m talking 80 mph winds which brought cooler, drier air and a whole lot of tree branches in the yard.

We also had our garage sale Saturday and Sunday, so today hubby and I will be taking it easy.  While putting stuff away, I hurt my ankle which I had smashed against a trunk (or something sharp).  It didn’t bother me much after the initial pain subsided but this morning I’m having a bit of trouble walking on it.  Anyway, enough about me.

Today I wanted to share that I have a tutorial over on the Ranger Ink blog.   OMG, to say I was excited is an understatement.  I was super excited and stunned when Patti from Ranger Ink contacted me and asked me to do a tutorial.  Me?  Really?  Of course, making the tutorial, trying to create a step by step, was making me a little over analytical.  But I did it…. send it all in and forgot about it.  I got Patti’s email on Thursday.  To see my project and tutorial on THE Ranger blog, totally awesome.  But to read the introduction, and to be called a mixed media artist…. truly an early Christmas present for me.  What a wonderful way to end another long, not very good week. 

So head over to the Ranger blog to get the step by step tutorial.  I truly love using scrap wood pieces and turning them into little houses.  So easy and it’s the best project to use up bits and pieces of left over scraps.  Give it a try!

I’m off to the art room – although I do have to make a grocery run sometime today.  You guys have a wonderful day! 

Until next time,


A Little Birdie Told Me….

2014 August 29
by Micki

Hi gang,

It’s Friday, yay!!!!  Three day weekend, double yay!  I just wanted to pop in to wish everyone safe travels and a happy Labor Day and to share another quick card using scraps.  Scraps as in corrugated paper, which came from one of those cookie tins I think.  It had a bit of blue shiny paper still attached, which I wanted to cut off, but then decided to leave it.


The bird was stamped onto some scrap left over background papers and cut out.  The background was created directly onto the card base.  Using the 1/4” width of Eclipse tape to mask around the edges, I then sprayed Dylusions Ink Sprays through the Stacked Triangles stencil.

I absolutely love it.



That’s it for me today!  You guys be safe and have a wonderful weekend!!!


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SOC Fancy Fold Challenge

2014 August 27
by Micki

Yes, truly today IS the start of our new challenge over at The Sisterhood of Crafters.  If you happen to have stopped by LAST Wednesday you saw where I had posted getting my dates mixed up.

So I had another chance at a fancy fold card and I can safely say – again – I am no good at fancy folds.  But I tried and I did create an awesome background using Dylusions Inks on watercolor paper.


I went the easy road of fancy folds by doing a simple Z fold. I masked the edges of each panel with eclipse tape and just spritzed with ink followed by splashing with a very wet brush.  So much fun and I kept the color choices down to four.

I liked the background so much that I was at a loss as to what to put on it. Some of my new stencils which I had just received in my eP package were added with paint.  Majority of the stenciled designs were done with white paint and just a few with lime and tangerine.

As for what to put on each panel?  I stamped some of the sentiments from Donna Downey’s She Is set and stamped them onto regular notebook paper which was cut apart and then glued onto the panels.  Found a very old “Happy Birthday” metal sentiment, which I added to the back panel.


_MG_0006_0022Masking tape came loose on the lower edge on the back panel, but those wonderful colors detract from that little smudge along the edge.  On the other panel (left one), I had stamped directly onto the panel and stamped the sentiment upside down.  So I added some gesso with my fingers, kind of smudging it around to make it look like part of the background.   This mistake actually led me to stamp the sentiments on notebook paper.  Was not going to mess up one of the other panels!

I love the new TCW stencils from Ronda Palazzari!


All in all, I’m definitely creating another one of these ink splashed backgrounds, only next time I’ll be creating a regular fold card – less things can go wrong for me, lo.


Now for some real FANCY FOLDS, definitely head over to The Sisterhood of Crafters.  Lots of awesome inspiration.   Be sure to check out the rules and all the details of this challenge.  I am seriously looking forward to seeing your FANCY FOLDS.  See you over there!


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Free Spirit

2014 August 25
by Micki

Good morning and happy Monday!  Heat wave continues here in the mid-west and the humidity is through the roof but there is relief in sight – at least I'm hoping!

I wanted to share my "Free Spirit" project which ended up being one heck of a process.  Still not happy with the background and all I have to say is…."How many times can one re-stencil an image?", lo.  For me the magic number seems to be three.

To read and see the whole process and lots of pictures showing the process along the way, head over to the eP blog HERE.

I'm off to work.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day and as always thanks so much for stopping by.