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LB Week 15 It’s the Little Things

2015 April 21
by Micki

Hello everyone,

Thought I’d pop in here to share my project for Life Book Week 15 lesson taught by the awesome Tam.  

Wk15LittleThingsFull This was a two page spread.  The lesson was about using white and black and trying to create a more “painterly” face.  Thoroughly enjoyed this lesson but then I enjoy each and every one!  The only thing that I think I did wrong was the background.  On the face page, the colors are in a circle, framing the face.  Then when I did the opposite page, I didn’t follow that circular design.


But I think I’ll just consider each page, it’s own painting.  What do you think?  I do like the face.



I do not know what I was thinking when I added the drips.  I’m thinking now that I should have added some splatter instead.





Regardless, I had fun, got my fingers inky and my mind off some other stuff and that’s always good!

Hope you guys are enjoying your week.  We’ve had a rainy weekend but we did go to a friends BBQ and the sun peeked out for a couple of hours.  I actually did some clay pigeon shooting, a first for me and didn’t do too bad.  Definitely lots of fun!

The rest of this week I have several appointments; dentist, lawyer, etc…. so I’m sure the week will fly by.

Until next time,

LB Week 13 with Juliette Crane

2015 April 15
by Micki

Happy Tax Day everyone.  Since we do our taxes in early February, today doesn’t mean anything to me.  Other than it’s rainy and gloomy.   And now that we have a puppy, I’ve come to realize that rainy weather and clean kitchen floors do not mix.  The days of mopping the floor once a week and staying clean are gone, lol.  Who cares, right?  Sasha is pure joy and we are so glad she joined us.

Today I wanted to share my Life Book lesson from week 13 which was taught by the fabulous Juliette Crane

LB Wk13 JulietteCraneLesson Full

I reworked and reworked both the background and the owl.  Working on it over several days.  Not sure about the background but then if you follow my artistic endeavor, you know that I’m never, ever 100% sure about any of my art projects.  I’ve learned to just step away and let it be.

LB WK13 JulietteCraneBackground

Wait, I should clarify that I love the background on its own.  Just not sure that it goes with the owl.

The owl has lots of layers.

LB WK13 JulietteCrane ClUp

I love owls.  Except when they are on a branch right outside your bedroom window and screech.  Yup, that will literally make you jump straight up from a dead sleep thinking you’re in a horror movie, lo!

Until next time,


Life Book Week 11

2015 April 13
by Micki

It took me a while but I finally finished  Tam’s Life Book bonus lesson for week 11.  I went for a more whimsical look and decided to give my guardian angel purple hair – just like my daughter’s.

Collaged background, paint and neo color II crayons.  The eyes probably should be larger or more rounder, but overall I am happy with her. 






More importantly I’m keeping up with the weekly lesson even though I am late posting here.  The drive to create hasn’t been there, especially since Sasha joined the household.  I would have to say the puppy is in the equivalent of a toddler’s “terrible two” stage.  I bring her with me into the art studio but there are too many smells and other temptations which means I am constantly distracted having to watch the pup.   But, like I said….. I’m still doing art and keeping up with the lessons.  It’s all good!

Until next time…..xoxo

Singing Lady

2015 April 8
by Micki

I decided that I was going to re-create my “Singing Lady” so that I could frame it.  The first time I created her was in my Dylusions journal.  This time I created her on mixed media paper:


This version has some differences.  For me it’s almost impossible to recreate something exactly as the original version.  I used lots of stencils and paint to built up the background layers.  Absolutely LOVED how it turned out:


In my original version, I had her holding up her arm, this time I went for the easy technique of having her arms behind her.  And because the scale is a bit smaller than in my 2 page journal spread, it was a bit more difficult to paint her features.


Overall I love how this version turned out.  Now I just need to frame her!

Here is the “original” version: (blog post here)

I just realized that I created this journal spread almost a year ago – 4/17/14.  Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.  And here is the “frame able” version again:


Love both versions and love that each is a bit different.  That’s it for me today.  Expecting strong storms this afternoon.  Hope everyone stays safe.  Until next time……


LB Week 11 with Jane Davenport

2015 April 6
by Micki

Good Monday morning friends!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We had a wonderful weekend with nice weather and spend yesterday with family and lots of great food, fun and good conversation!

Today I thought I’d share my LB week 11 lesson with the wonderful Jane Davenport.  Wonderful collaged base layer, which I love to do – uses up all those bits and pieces of papers.


Although the face is small, which usually makes it harder to paint, it turned out ok.  I did have a little bit of a problem with the “bust” area.  But I think it just makes it look more realistic, don’t you think?


I had originally used a pink paint to paint around her, which looked horrible.  Once it was dry and after several days of staring at it, I decided to go over it with white gesso.  A little of the dark pink seeped through, but it’s much, much better!


Before I leave I thought I’d share a couple of “Easter” pics from yesterday.

That does it for me this gloomy looking Monday.  Supposed to warm up tomorrow and then a good chance of severe storms on Wednesday. 

Until next time….xoxoxo

LB Week 10

2015 April 2
by Micki

Hi friends,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it!  I have absolutely no excuse other than to say that we have a new member in the family.  Her name is Sasha and she is 3 month old. That’s right, we took the plunge and got a puppy.  And since it’s been 20+ years since we had a puppy, I’ve been completely exhausted doing that puppy training (aka potty training).  Since my studio is upstairs – the furthest distance from a door to the outside, I’ve been hesitant to spend a lot of time in there.  It’s getting better though.  Sasha is a smart dog and we’re starting to get to know each other. 

Anyhow, I did want to pop in and share my Life Book week 10 project.

Wk10 Layers3

This project, “Layers of your Heart”  was somewhat hard for me and probably took me the longest to complete.  I just wasn’t in the right “frame of mind” (same week that I was suspended indefinitely), but I pushed through and finished it.

Wk10LayersofYourHeartFull Oh crap, I just realized I misspelled “things”….. I am a dork, lol.  No matter, that’s easily fixed.  So the project is made up of several hearts and a pocket page to stick the hearts into.

I wasn’t quite sure how to photograph the hearts so I improvised:

Wk10 Layers5

Each heart has a different surface treatment; ink sprays, washi tape, book pages, etc… and the pocket page was created with ink sprays, stencils, acrylics and brayer.

Wk10Layers 2


Even though I had to really force myself to create this project, I am happy that I pushed myself.  And it is ok that it’s not one of my favorite ones.  Years from now when I look at my Life Book 2015 book, it will be remind me of where/what was going on.

That’s it for me guys,  puppy needs to go out….. (again)


Face Sketching

2015 March 11
by Micki

I have been neglecting this little blog.  Sorry gang.  We’ve had such wonderful weather these past couple of days that the weekend was spent doing a little yard work.   Mainly raking leaves – again.  Sure wish we had not cut down the hedges all those years ago, they did help in keeping things out of the yard.

So with lots of time spent outdoors, I mainly worked on my faces in the evening in front of the TV.  I’m following the lessons in Pam Carriker’s book “Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker: Techniques for Drawing and Painting Faces”.

A couple of the faces are not finished, i.e. shading the pencil lines. And when I was a little frustrated with the face I was working on, I took a break and just doodled a bunch of eyes.


That 3/4 view is the hardest for me and I was getting frustrated.  So instead, I doodled a bunch of eyes.


Then I went with the easiest – front view.


And another shot at that 3/4 view.


Pam’s book is wonderful and I’m itching to start on the actual painting part of her lessons.  That’s it for me.  Here’s hoping where ever you are, that you are experiencing the nice weather we’ve been enjoying!

Until next time…..

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Another Feather

2015 March 6
by Micki


Just popping in to share another project created based Tam’s lesson from Life Book 2015, only this time on canvas:


Used some of my ephemera, some paper scraps and of course ink sprays.  I was really nervous about creating the feather but after finishing it, I have to say it looks pretty good.



I used a receipt from my trip to Germany in December as part of the collage papers which you can see peeking out.


And of course, lots of book pages.


I so loved this lesson and have to say that I would have never thought I could draw/sketch a feather had anyone asked me.  I will say that trying to re-create a project on canvas is a little more intimidating and no matter how hard one tries, it never turns out exactly the same.

Here is my first feather project on paper.  This one has my affirmations since it’s going to be part of my “Life Book” book.  On the canvas, I decided to leave the affirmations off.



Hm, looking at both side by side, I have to say I think I like the feather on the canvas better.  Don’t know what I was so apprehensive about!  Smile

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!  And a special thank you to everyone that comes and visits this blog.  I truly appreciate it and hope that you find inspiration!



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2015 March 4
by Micki

Ah yes, shadows.  I still have a hard time creating realistic shadows on faces.  I have to look at a photo or something to try to paint accurate shadows on faces.  For this art journal spread, however, I did no such thing, instead focused on having fun creating the background, using paints, stencils and household objects. Then I looked at the background and decided to incorporate it into a face.  Eyes are bit too large for the face but I really like the funky face color.


Because my page had originally started out with gray paint through the Prima Chevron stencil which I had used as journal lines, they still show through all the painty layers.


I did add more journaling using Dina Wakley's The Basics stencil (the sun rays) and added scribbly hair.



I'm calling her my "Shadow Abandon" girl and was being funny when I added the "understanding of shadows", because I still have a lot to learn about shadows.


But I have to tell you, this page was fun.  It is fun to not care how a page or a face turns out.  Total freedom!  

Until next time, 

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Wk 7 Heart Community

2015 March 2
by Micki

Hello gang and happy March!  Can you believe it's already March?  Sure came in like a lion, eh?  Since I missed my post on Friday (dealing with bureaucracy can wear one out) and I do not typically turn on my PC over the weekends, I thought I'd better share my 2nd lesson for week 7 from Life Book.  The first part of the lesson was Jill Berry's Heart Community paper dolls (post HERE).  The second part of the lesson was with Violette Clark.  Super fun and she gave us a video tour of her adorable house and studio.  Besides using paints, brayer and other assorted tools, I used some of my yummy Gelli printed papers.  

Wk7MagicalTourFullConsidering that I didn't worry about creating a life-like, upward looking face, and didn't "fuss" over the skin, etc, the turned out pretty good and didn't take long to finish.  I suspect that it's because I didn't have to worry about nostrils and lips.

Wk7MagicalTourV4I had a foil embossed and die-cut butterfly from an old project and decided to add it to the house.  The little strips contain my affirmations about my heart community.  Of course, I forgot about leaving a "pocket" for these when I glued the house down, but thankfully was able to fix that. 

The background was fun and the clouds were made by cutting a simple scalloped shape from a manila folder and pouncing paint through it.

Wk7MagicalTourV3Wk7MagicalTourV2And if I do say so myself, I'm rather proud of the her bangs.  They actually look like bangs, hehe!

That does it for me this Monday morning.  Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!


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