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Fancy Fold Challenged

2014 August 20
by Micki

Hi Folks,

NOTE:  Got my dates mixed up, go figure.  The Fancy Fold Challenge starts NEXT Wednesday, so I'll give it another try and see what type of fold I can come up with.  

We have a new challenge over at The Sisterhood of Crafters and since I haven’t played along in a while I was bound and determined to do so.  Sadly I am not a “Fancy Fold” type of gal and my contribution is anything but fancy.


I took one of Emma’s backgrounds which looked more like  reddish mud and decided to add some ink sprays over an old Heidi Swapp flower mask.  Then I toned it all down a bit with some white ink spray.  

Adding more texture with stamps and felt like it needed something, so I mixed some of Dina’s Lemon and White paint and lots of water.  Used an old pipette to pick up the liquid paint and drop it onto the card.

I used an old Stampin’ Up! stamp for the flowers.  I was going to re-stamp or fill in where the texture of the watercolor paper didn’t allow for a clean stamp image, but I actually liked the texture and decided to leave the blooms alone.  Edges were distressed with Distress Inks.



Ok, so I may not like the tri-fold card but I think it would make an awesome panel on a “normal fold” card.  I am happy to have saved a not-so-pretty-background from the trash basket.



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Dream Without Fear

2014 August 18
by Micki

Good Monday morning folks!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I got some time to play with my art supplies.   And am happy to report that I finished that face that I had started on my collage background, which I shared HERE.

My friend Starla had suggested to leave her as she was, with the collaged background showing through.  And I do love that idea but I had already added a layer of paint to her face and neck, so I decided to go ahead and finish her.  After all I have lots of gelli printed papers so no shortage of collage material.

And I am pleased with how she turned out:


As with every face, I am always so nervous after I get started with the first layers. 


I mean, looking at that face, you’d be scared too, right?  But then I remember to take a deep breath and that it’s all those layers of paint, gelatos and finally those big brush markers that will make the end result worth while. And I definitely think it did.


I love using a regular 6B pencil to help bring back some of the detail that I always seem to loose when adding paint.  Although I need to remember to leave well enough alone.  I kept messing with her nostrils, specifically the right one.  But I love her eyes and I love the shading.


The hair actually has subtle color variations, the picture just doesn’t show it.  I added a sticker from 7 Dots Studios which was cut apart and glued on with gel medium.  It says “ Dream Without Fear”.   I should have created one on the computer saying “ Paint without Fear “!

Hm, I think I just thought of my next project Smile.    That’s it for me today, back to work and it seems the heat is coming back this week too.  Not a happy but Fall is around the corner!

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time……


Supplies Used:

NOTE – supplies are specific for the face.  To see supplies used to create the background, check out my Gellin’ post HERE.

In Full Bloom Stencil Stamp Set

2014 August 14
by Micki

I finally decided to play with Wendy Vecchi'In Full Bloom stamp/stencil set.  And you know me, I have these grandiose ideas in my head for projects then I get started and take a left turn somewhere during the process.  Yup, that is so me.

So I think I'm going to start out showing you the close ups first.  Love how the flowers turned out, all painted with Dina Wakley paints and dimension and depth created with Faber Castell Big Brush Markers and gelatos.  And let me just apologize now about the crappy lighting.

IMG_0013I added some stickles to the center and used my Fude pen to sketch around the flowers and leaves because I was hoping to make the leaves and blooms pop out from the background a little more.

For texture on the background I used the new 6×6 Prima stencils Decor I and Decor II, applying Archival Ink with the mini blending tool.  In some spots of the background I just randomly added white paint through portions of the Decor stencils as well as added the Stacked Triangles along the sides.



The background is on chipboard.  I applied a thin coat of gesso first, then added Dylusions Inks.  My intent was to finish this for the new challenge over in The Sisterhood of Crafters which is FAVORITE COLOR.  Yeah, in mixed media I truly have a hard time sticking to one color.  I added some old stickers and rubbed gelato around the edges.


 But dang if I can't figure out how to fix it.  It needs something and I think I need to do something to make the flowers pop or maybe add some random stamping on the background?  More flowers maybe?  Or I know….. make the flowers dimensional?  Ugh, ok stepping away from it, lo.

IMG_0007I do still love how the flower turned out and I do like the background, just not together I think.  What do you think?

Until next time…..xoxoxo


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Gellin’ & Flash Sale

2014 August 12
by Micki

Remember that Dr. Scholls commercial about their gel shoe inserts?  Well, I can’t get it out of my head – it’s what I think of when I play with my Gelli Plate.

As you all know, whenever I create backgrounds, be it with my gelli plate or brayer or ink sprays, etc., I create a lot.  It’s fun, therapeutic and one never really knows how the print or background will end up looking.

Needless to day, I have lots – and I mean LOTS – of gelli prints and brayered prints. The ones below were created some time back:


My favorite go to substrate for both the gelli plate prints and brayer is deli paper (of course), regular weight copy and notebook paper and of course, old book pages.  I love that the painty layers give the papers some ‘umph’ so they won’t tear as easily but yet the papers and book pages are pliable enough to wrap around the edge of a canvas or wooden block. 

So I decided to create a neutral background with those old Mason receipts and old book papers.  These were glued down onto Mixed Media paper withgel medium.  Sorry about the lighting.  I was “in the groove” and barely remembered to snap some pictures with the phone.


Then I decided to forget the neutral look and go for color, blues and greens.  Slapping the colors on with a brush, giving a couple of squirts with the water bottle and using my finger to smear the watery goodness.

Ah, so what was all that talk about gelli prints, you ask.  Well, I decided to rip, cut and tear them and add them as another layer.


There are gelli prints, designer paper pieces, washi tape, pieces of tags and card stock that were used to clean paint off my brayer and brushes, over sprayed ink papers.  A mish-mash of colorful goodness, don’t you think?

And then I thought of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s “Paint Over Collage” lesson (available from Interweave Store) and held my breath and drum roll….


That magic pencil-you know the one-Stabilo All is just the best thing ever!  Is she finished?  Nope, I will be filling her in with paint.  But it’s a start, right?!

And before I sign off,  our first born grandchild, Emma, turned eleven today!  It’s hard to believe it was that long ago that I held her for the very first time.  And it’s doubly hard to believe how much she has grown.  Love You Em!!!



One final note,  check out eP’s classroom to check out the newest technique videos and Art Anthology products are back in stock so eP is having a FLASH sale on all Art Anthology products.  Use code ART20 when checking out to save 20%.  But hurry, sale is only good until midnight tonight!

That’s it for me tonight gang.  I’m going to see if I can finish my other project, the one for the August ePlay challenge!

Until next time……xoxoxo

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A Cupcake, a Mouse and Embossing

2014 August 7
by Micki

Yesterday was my youngest granddaughter Abby’s birthday.  The baby turned FOUR!  I swear it seemed like yesterday that we were all huddled around the monitor awaiting Abby’s birth.

Although her party isn’t until Saturday, I wanted to create a quick card and decided to combine this card with eclectic Paperie’s August ePlay Challenge ~ Embossing


My embossing is the dry kind, as in embossing folder.  I am working on a bigger project for this months’ challenge which I should have finished in a couple of days.  Since the challenges goes all month long, no need to rush, right?  Make sure you head over to the eP blog HERE to read all about the rules and check out Bonnie’s gorgeous journal spread. 

Ok back to my card.  I dug through my basket of images already colored and found this little cutie patootie.  This little mouse with cupcake is from an old Saltbox Studio set called Basket Celebration and Celebration Compantio .  I purchased the sets in 2008 when the company was still relatively new.  I’m not sure but I think A Muse Studio bought them out or they combined, not sure which!  They have a brick and mortar store in Seattle, The A Muse Shop.


Glammed it up a bit with some sequins.  I have such a hard time picking these up and putting them where I want, even with tweezers.

Quick card, nothing fancy but I’m sure Miss Abby will like the adorable mouse with the cupcake.  She’s all about cupcakes!  That’s it for me tonight.  Almost finished the wedding photos – I’m never doing another wedding – way too much work!  And I don’t get to enjoy it, KWIM!

I’m off to dinner with the kids!  Nothing better than hugs and kisses from the grandkids!  Makes everything better, doesn’t it!



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What You Are

2014 August 4
by Micki

Hello gang,

Happy Monday.  I’ll jump right in and share a project that I created on Saturday.  Will someone tell me why one seems to get inspired when chores need to be done?  That’s how it was for me.  Actually, the chores were done, but as I was heading upstairs to take a bath, I ended up in my craft room and before I knew it, I created this:


I was totally inspired by Jennifer Priest (Hydrangea Hippo) from her project on Stencil Girl Products blog for their PanPastel blog hop.   I’ve never used PanPastels like that and have to say I love it.  You can check out Jennifer’s video tutorial HERE.

I decided to use Pam Carriker’s 3/4 Version 2 stencil from Stencil Girl Products to add a quick face.  Using my black Stabilo All pencil, I traced all the stencil lines, then filled in with Dina Wakley paints.  Because I love to use gelatos and big brush markers, I challenged myself to only use the 4 colors of paints (see below) and the Stabilo pencil.  I think I did pretty good with the limited supplies. 


The quote is from an old stamp set from The Angel Company??  Ugh can’t remember if that was the name, but they are no longer active.  I stamped the quote onto a piece of gesso covered  cardboard, then did blended PanPastels over it.


This time I didn’t forget to add stenciling to the sides, woohoo!

I seriously had fun using my PanPastels in this way and I did finally take a bath on Saturday…. at 4:30pm. 


Have you ever done that?  Get sidetracked like I did?  I the end result is some great art, I’m all for it!

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time….


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Why the long face?

2014 August 1
by Micki

Hi guys,

As you know, I haven't had the gumption to create faces, hell I haven't had the desire to do much (as far as art goes), except trying to figure out how an agency that is supposed to protect the American worker failed and trying to absorb the dirty truth that being honest and truthful and believing in justice, honor and all that jazz are not worth anything anymore.  It seems that lying, dishonesty and unethical behavior wins.  And folks, I am having a very hard time accepting this.  That's all I'm going to say on this subject before I'm reprimanded about saying anything BUT last time I checked, this is America and Freedom of Speech is still my right, right?  So you can imagine how hard it has been to be creative.  I imagine I would have been uber creative if I had a big room where I could just smash paint on large canvases, you know to let out frustration.  But my paints are too precious to me and I don't have that type of room!

When I sink this low, it is with effort to be creative but I do force myself and it always – ALWAYS – helps.  And that's how this art journal spread came to be.

This page spread came together over a period of two weeks.  Forcing myself to do something here and there, mostly early in the mornings before work.  Since 8 hours in a toxic (to me) environment and the stress of hostility and games being played drain any creativity, it has become really hard to be creative in the evening.  However, having to meet a DT deadline forced me to continue with this project and you know what?  I'm so glad I did.  The face is a bit long, lips uneven and one eye is slightly bigger than the other – hey just like a real human face, right?

Anyway, I describe how she came to be and have lots more pictures over on the eP blog HERE.

Hope you enjoy it.   Have a wonderful weekend my friends!


Abstract Flower ..Maybe?

2014 July 30
by Micki

AbstractFlowerPot Full2

So I stole another one of Emma’s background prints, which along with the others has been hanging on my wall.  After turning it this way and that way, decided that I saw a flower pot.  A very abstract flower pot.

All I did was to take my black stabilo all pencil and loosely outlined the “flower pot”.  After activating the black pencil lines with a wet brush, I used Dina Wakley’s  heavy body white paint to go around the flower pot.  And that is where I left it.  Not quite sure what to do next or if I even should add more.


AbstractFlowerPot Top

AbstractFlowerPot Bottom

AbstractFlowerPot Full

What do you think?

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Button Tree

2014 July 28
by Micki

Hi guys!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  The heat  (OMG – it was sooooo humid and hot) broke on Sunday and we are enjoying beautiful, northerly breezes, low humidity and temps in the 80’s.  Now this type of weather I enjoy!  Saturday was horrible.  I was the photographer at my friends’ wedding.  I was once again reminded why I don’t do wedding photography.  I’m still recovering, lo!

Yesterday, I finished an art journal spread which I will share over on the eP blog on Thursday and in my attempt to finish up some of those numerous started projects, finished another card using Sweet N Sassy’s Tree Background stamp.   Instead of sequins, this one has button blooms:



Ah yes, patience!  Speaking of patience,  my nightmare with exposure to certain air borne stuff at a certain place continues.  I’d like to say so much more on that subject, but silence is golden – at least for now.  Patience – something I’m learning to embrace, regardless of how hard some days are.

Anyway,  I’m keeping it short tonight, after dinner am going to have to tackle Photoshop and all those photos, plus I have to finish Emma’s photos still. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have a wonderful Monday evening!!!!!



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Sequin Tree

2014 July 24
by Micki

Hi folks,

I decided to make a couple more cards using Sweet N Sassy’s Tree Background stamp.  It’s been one of  “those” weeks, where the repetitive motion of stamping was what I apparently needed.  (Still trying to get that muse going in my art journal or canvas).  And since I still had the sequins out from my last project, decided to make this a sequin tree:

SequinTree1 After gluing down the sequins and making sure the glue was dry, I added centers in each sequin with a cream pearl pen.  Quick and easy.


It did take me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to grab the sequins.  Until I decided to use tweezers.


Not a very fancy card, but I like the white space and the sequins add just the right amount of color, don’t you think?

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week.



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