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2014 December 9
by Micki

Hi friends,

Wow, it's been two weeks since I've blogged.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I came down with that viral head congestion stuff that seemed to be going around.  So by Thanksgiving, I had lost my voice and felt like my head was about to explode.  Not good with a full weekend of craft shows so I ended up going to Urgent Care on Friday.  Me and half of St. Joseph spent several hours there (or so it seemed).  Anyway, steroids and cough medicine and I made it through my craft shows the next two days.  I finally started feeling better this past weekend and had the girls spend Saturday night to help decorate the trees and downstairs.  Girls were a great help but it did look like a tornado went through the house.  

Anyway, with the holidays approaching and a last minute trip scheduled to spend Christmas in Bad Hersfeld (this trip was so not planned), I've decided to take some time off blogging.  The holidays are stressful enough and this unexpected trip is putting more stress on me.  So folks, until mid-January I will take a blogging break.  I may post some updates and/or pictures from Germany but not making any promises.  Going home is bittersweet and  I am thrilled to go home, yet at the same time I don't look forward to it.  I do and I don't – it's so hard to explain.  Grandma will be turning 99 on the 12th.  I had expected to go home next year, for her 100th birthday but my Aunt had called to ask me to come this year.  Meaning that it's a good chance that Grandma will not be here for her 100th.  Like I said….bittersweet.  

And this means that I will not be here to celebrate with my family.  Nor celebrate my daughter's birthday and my 28th wedding anniversary on the 26th.  Yeah, December is a busy month in my family.

I will be back sharing my art projects but for now…… have a wonderful holiday season!


Recycled Board

2014 November 26
by Micki

I picked up this board at the thrift store.  Not quite sure exactly what it was but I thought it was perfect to alter. So alter it I did and of course, the “Merry Christmas” sparkly ornament is slightly crooked. Sigh.  Anyway, it ended up like this:


But first let me share what the back of this thing looked like – the front was smooth.  I obviously forgot to snap pictures before adding a coat of gesso, but you get the picture.


On the one side, in the middle, was this opening and although it’s the back, I wanted to close it.  Instead of running downstairs looking for wood putty, I used Wendy Vecchi’s Embossing Paste, which worked wonderfully. (Ugh sorry did not snap a picture AFTER using the embossing paste).


The front was covered with paper pieces, then paint, ink sprays, stencils and of course glitter.  The tree was cut out of scrap paper, then covered with strips of different papers – going through my scrap basket and grabbing every piece of green and greenish paper!  Trimmed the papers after it was dry, then glued it to the board.  Using paint, gelatos and big brush markers, added depth and shadows.  Texture was added using stamps and rub ons.  It took me several days to finish this because I would come back to it and add more swipes of paint with my fingers or adding another stamp. 




The red sparkly “Merry Christmas” is a plastic ornament that actually had two holes along the top which I just snipped off.  I always fail to mention that I seal all of my pieces with gloss glue n seal which I did before gluing the greeting down.  And like I said, it’s slightly crooked and looking at it now, I will probably go back and add some “shadows” underneath the greeting with my darker gray big brush marker.  (Boy, I must be tired, can not seem to compose more than a sentence at a time.)AlteredWoodPanelTree3

Regardless, I’m pleased that this thrift store panel only sat in my art room for two weeks, instead of years as is the norm, before I altered it.


That’s it for me folks.  After work tonight I will probably try and relax and get up early tomorrow morning to do some cooking.  We are going over to the neighbors so I don’t have too much to prepare.

If you are traveling – be safe and most importantly have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


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Star Light Star Bright

2014 November 24
by Micki

Hey friends,  happy Monday.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was busy starting with a Friday night intimate wedding ceremony.  My brother got married and I was his witness.  It was a wonderful, informal ceremony yet it was beautiful.  So very happy for him and Julie!!  Saturday I finished a canvas which I had been wrestling with for a while.  I had such a hard time with this one.  The papers kept bubbling and to be honest, I wasn’t feeling it. 

Starlight Angel Full

I’m still not happy with the angel and trying to use up the last of some of my numerous rub-ons, which I probably should have done without.  I also added some butterfly stickers to her dress, again, not so sure if I like it but it is what it is. I will have to say that because I had so much trouble with the designer papers, the background with all those painty and inky layers has wonderful texture.  I think part of the reason I was having so much trouble was that this was a large canvas – 18” x 24”.  Another problem with a larger canvas – taking decent pictures, sigh!





Starlight Angel 1

This canvas is CASED from Christy Tomlinson’s October Art Society Monthly Video club.   It’s hard to see the mini lights in the picture but when turned on, it looks awesome.  Tiny enough to give the impression of twinkling stars.

The mini lights are battery operated and taped with cloth bandage strips on the back of the canvas.  Here’s another picture taken with my phone:

Starlight Angel fromPhone

I need to get back to painting portraits and faces because I can definitely tell that it’s been a while.

Other than that, the crazy holiday rush has commenced.  I still need to get a few grocery items which I plan on doing either super duper early Wednesday morning or super duper late tonight or tomorrow night.  So not looking forward to that Sad smile.

That’s it for me gang, have a wonderful day and be careful – traffic is crazy already!

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More trees….

2014 November 20
by Micki

as promised, more rolled paper trees.  This time on smaller canvases with darker backgrounds.


One of the canvases started out with scrap papers glued down followed by a light layer of gesso.  Then I just played with the paints.  Couldn’t tell you how many layers, but I ended up with a darker, purplish – blue that I thought resembled the night sky.  On one of the canvases – the one that did not have papers scraps as a bottom layer-  I doodled into the wet paint:




I tried to create a “glow” around the tree using yellow paint.  I really like how it turned out.  The greeting is cut from a recycled card and I added Liquid Pearls for some sparkly stars.


The other canvas is basically the same, except that I started with a layer of paper scraps and I didn’t write into the wet paint.  Plus I made the background a bit darker:




I dry rubbed some gold paint along the top and I like the yellow glow a bit better on this canvas.


Again, the greeting is a recycled card.  The white paint along the edges turned a little purple from the paint layer underneath, but I like it.  Makes it “feel” cold, don’t you think?

I’m working on another Christmas themed canvas, but this one is rather large.  3’ long by 1’ wide.  But no rolled paper, think I’m kind of burned out on that!

Until next time…..xoxoxo

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Most Wonderful Time

2014 November 18
by Micki

Hello friends,

Trying to thaw out as I’m sure everyone else is too.  Brrrrr, it was cold.  Wouldn’t have been so bad had it not been for that wind. That was brutal!  Of course with the wind always comes internet issues but on the bright side, no wind today and high of 30° which, after yesterday, will feel downright pleasant!

I had a wonderful weekend spent with my BFF and my adoptive family in Arkansas.  I also made it a point to drive a bit further south to Fort Smith, Arkansas to see another friend who is like my little sis.  Yes, definitely a wonderful weekend away, something I needed.  Before leaving, I finished up on one of my Christmas Tree canvases:


The hardest part about this canvas was rolling the papers.  Murder on my fingers but I am glad I kept with it.  I rolled a lot of papers.  Figured since I’m doing it, might as well do extra.

I started the background by adding paints – different blues adding white and mixing it while it was still wet on the canvas.  That was followed by stencils, using ink sprays and paint.  A little stamping for texture and then I glued the rolled papers down to create a tree shape.  For the trunk, I used some left over packaging.  I also used snow tex and while that was wet sprinkled sparkly snow flakes over the ‘tree’.   I wasn’t sure what sentiment or quote to add to it, so instead I recycled old (thrift store) Christmas cards, cutting out the sentiments and using these to look like hanging ornaments.  Final step was adding the white paint splatter.





I like how it turned out even if some of the Dylusion Ink bled through along the bottom.


I started two more using the rolled papers, only they are 6”x6” canvases, where this is an 8” x 10”.  Love, love, love Christmas trees!

Stay warm guys…. until next time!

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Birthday Card

2014 November 13
by Micki

Last Saturday was my nephews 18th birthday.  As is the norm with me, I had to whip up a quick card before heading to the party and I was at a complete loss as to what to create.  What’s a girl to do?  Grab some stencils and ink spray and go to town:


I like how it turned out, especially with the limited amount of colors.  Love the pop of red.



The “live & laugh” was stamped onto a piece of scrap which had over spray ink splatters and on which I had cleaned my brush.  I literally dug it out of my trash bin.  The inside has the birthday greeting:


Quick, easy and I got my mixed media fix in for the day!  And more importantly, he liked it.

That’s it for me today, still working on several canvases which are slowly coming together layer by layer.

I’m planning on surprising the middle granddaughter, Gracy today by eating lunch with her at school.  I spend Tuesday afternoon with Emma during her embroidery hour at school.  Not that I do a lot of embroidery, but I was able to give her a couple of tips.  Her sixth grade class will be embroidering several squares which will be turned into a quilt.  Anyway, only fair that Gracy gets some Nana time at school too.

That’s it for me guys.  Stay warm!!


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Polar Bear Ornaments

2014 November 11
by Micki

I am a day late in posting. Blame it on my back – bend over yesterday morning, heard what sounded like a branch cracking, sharp pain spider webbed from lower back all the way to my neck and that was all it took for me to move like a zombie.  In German we call it “Hexenschuss”, translation would be “Witches’ Shot”.  Today is day 2 and it’s starting to ease up.  Just a “kink” and by Thursday I’ll be much better.  Anyway,  last summer I bought a bag of polar bear ornaments at a yard sale for $1.  And here is what I did with them:


Since I was out of Configuration boxes, I used the other half of an artist case – you know, the kind that Michaels sells for kids with plastic tray inserts which holds the art supplies.  I pulled out my box of wood craft supplies, and of course all those mini Christmas ornaments and mini décor.

The box was covered with gesso.  The bears’ scarves gave me my color palette for the inside of the box.  While the paint as still wet, I made marks with the back of the brush.  The small configuration boxes as well as the wooden cubes were painted while the background was drying.

The tree was cut out of cardboard (cereal box), which I had covered with pieces of green/greenish paper scraps.  Changing my mind I decided to cover the whole tree with white paint and while the paint was wet, sprinkled glitter all over it.  Once dry, glued it on the background and started staging all the pieces.  The idea with the light ornaments and tinsel came after I had glued the tree (of course!), but I had not problem to glue the strings onto the tree.  The “Peace” sign is a sticker. 





It’s kind of fun to add all those bits and pieces and I think it turned out rather cute.  So glad I did get those bears, almost didn’t.  (PS: I just cut the strings and added some “snow” where the tiny holes were).


And with the artic blast in full force, here in the center of the U.S., makes it definitely feel like Christmas.

Stay warm my friends!  Until next time…..


Supplies used:  NOTE – I’m not linking to the Christmas décor or the wooden cubes – just hit up your local hobby/craft store Smile.

Vintage and Shabby Chic

2014 November 7
by Micki

Yay, got another Configurations Shadow Box done.  I really wanted something shabby chic and vintage.  What do you think?


Got out all of my beads and trinkets.  Oh and lets not forget the glitter.  Found a painted grungeboard star in my stash to which I added some sparkle.  Mini ball ornaments and even an old round (doll) doily.  For the feet, I used small wooden ball finials.





A sticker which I glued to some foil and covered with white paint.  The hardest part on this project was waiting for the Glossy Accents to dry.  I do like how it turned out. I need to find more boxes, lo I’m thinking about making a cowboy themed christmas box.  What do you think?

That’s it for me today.  Hope you are having wonderful fall weather and get to enjoy the weekend!



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It’s a Christmas Configuration

2014 November 5
by Micki

Hi gang,  I’ve been busy playing with my hoarded Christmas craft and décor stuff and created a little scene using my Tim Holtz Configurations shadow box.


This Configuration box is an older one, measuring 5.5” x 5.5”.  I couldn’t find this size to link it (below) so I linked to one of the larger ones.  However, any type of small box would work.

Since I keep all my Christmas themed supplies together in a clear shoebox (um, make that plural as in several boxes), I decided to use those mini ornaments that I had snatched up after Christmas at a steal.  The little snowman, soldier and light bulbs are actually hanging ornaments, however, the little tiny eye hooks were easily removed with my scissors.  Also brought out ALL of my glitter, seed beads, and of course textured snow.  I think it turned out adorable and it was rather easy.  Well, for me the hardest part was deciding on what to use – one of the problems when hoarding stuff and you end up with too much!




The “be merry” is an old Stampin’ Up! stamp which I stamped onto tissue paper and glued onto a small piece of wood (found in the wood section of your local craft store).  I did NOT link to the Christmas stuff because you can find all of that at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  And they both are running all Christmas items at 50% off.  I’m hoping to make a couple more to use up more of those supplies.  Will I buy more of this stuff after Christmas?  Depends on how it goes at my next craft show.  That’s it for me today.  Hoping to finish up my second configurations box by tomorrow so I can share with you later this week.

Have a wonderful week guys!



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Christmas Door Decor

2014 November 3
by Micki

Hello friends,

I found some alterable chipboard door hangers that I gotten years ago from Oriental Trading Company and decided to create some quick Christmas door décor. Papers are from Heidi Swapp Believe paper pack and the fake pine branches and bows are from the Dollar Store.  I just wanted to quickly alter these hangers and swiping paint over the branches and along the sides seemed to bring it together – sort of.DoorHanger5




Here is a close up of the greenery.  Adding those swipes of white paint helped in unifying the whole thing, plus it looks like snow.


In case you are wondering, nope – no Christmas decorations up yet.  Way too early for me.  I also started on a Christmas Alterations box which I’m hoping to have finished later this week.  So proud of myself for finally using up stuff that’s been hoarded, lo.

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and have a fabulous Monday!


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