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Stamping Shadow and Light–LB Wk19

2015 May 22
by Micki

Happy Friday friends,

Can you believe May is almost over and the summer season officially starts this weekend.  Geez, Christmas will be here before we know it, right?   I’ve been keeping busy with the puppy.  I had quite forgotten how much energy they have, which doesn’t allow me to create art as much as I’d like.  Instead I have to grab minutes here and there and that isn’t good for my creative muse, ugh!  (Puppy is like a toddler – seriously!)  Anyway, I enrolled Sasha in a day care once a week where she will get to play, romp, run and chase other dogs.  Her first day was this past Wednesday and she loved it.  I was like a nervous mom, calling the pet care center around noon to check on her, lol.

Obedience classes start next Saturday, so we’ll see how it goes.  So while Ms. Sasha was at the pet day care, I finished my Life Book Week 19 project of Stamping Shadow and Light with Jessica Swift.  Wonderful lesson on carving your own stamps and including them on your pages. 

I took pictures of the pages before journaling (still not sure what to journal about and a fear of messing up the pages).  I mean, they look soooooo pretty and the stamped borders are all the designs I carved.

First up, my shadow page.  Isn’t it pretty?  Love the dark blues with the white stamped border.  These were my first ever carved stamps.  A wonky spiral and a diagonal stripes stamp.

LB Wk19ShadowPage


Next is my Light page.  Yes, I carved a feather…. I couldn’t believe it turned out as well as it did.  The hardest part about carving your own stamp is remembering what to carve away and what to leave.  The sun circle and the little bloom were quick stamps, carved from left over pieces.  The background really grew on my.  Love how the hints of color pop through… and the brush strokes!

LB Wk19LightPage


As to my journaling, I’ll probably write about this lesson, using a white pen on the “shadow” page and regular black pen on the “light” page.

Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, the forecast is rain.  Always is, every year!  We have an eighth grade graduation to go to tomorrow, BBQ and Kickball on Sunday – although that may be rained out.  What do you have planned for this weekend?  Whatever it is, be safe and have fun!



2015 May 19
by Micki

Good morning friends,

This past weekend was graduation weekend.  Both my nephews graduated, one from high school and one from Baker University.  We were really torn because we were invited to several high school graduations but since the ceremonies all happened around the same time, we had to pick and choose.  Chriss and I split up in order to be able to attend both of our nephews events.

So Saturday I created a slew of cards.  Nothing fancy but I did incorporate a bit of paint, stencils and splatters.


Tried to create the cards with the graduating seniors’ school colors.  Never realized how many school colors include blue.  The sentiment is from a retired stamp set from Clear & Simple Stamps. I found a similar card on Pinterest/Splitcoast Stampers.

The inside:


Here is the same card in another color:


I also attempted to do some creative lettering – something I’m not good at – on the envelopes:


We are so very proud of all of the graduates.  And a bit melancholy…..seems like just yesterday, they were still babies Smile.

On another note, puppy Sasha is going to her very first “Puppy Day Care” tomorrow where she will get a full day of play with other dogs.  Our neighborhood dogs are a little intimidated by Sasha’s uber excitement.  Well, I would be too if I saw a 40lb 4 month old puppy come charging, lo.

That’s it for me today!  Hope you guys are having a wonderful beginning of the week!  Until next time…….

Look Straight

2015 May 15
by Micki


Well hello mojo!  Amazing what happens when one forces themselves to sit down and just start.

This little lady just  started to appear and except for the hair, the face reminds me a lot of my “other” daughter (best friends middle child) Sarah’s oldest daughter, Sophie who is 5 (I think).


I had lots of marked deli paper which was added to the canvas board, stamps and some splatter.


Gotta admit, paint splatter makes everything better!!

Until next time…..


Life Book Week 18

2015 May 13
by Micki

Hi friends,

Wanted to share my project for Lifebook 2015 week 18 lesson which was taught by Kristin Van Valkenburgh.  Wonderful lesson – all about “looking at you kid”.   For this lesson we had the option of including a picture of ourselves.  Much as I don’t like “selfies”, I snapped a quick picture and went with it, even though every fiber in my being told me to just go the lesson without a picture or to cut a picture out of a magazine.  Yay me, right?  It also included a letter we had to write to ourselves.  Another thing that is hard for me.

Anyway, lots of inky, paint play, as well as embossing paste and stencils.  Washi tape and yes, glitter.  The picture was printed out onto matte photo paper and glued to the page with a glue stick.  Then when I had some paint that accidentally covered the bottom of my chin, I discovered (ahem, remembered is more like it) that the cut out photo wasn’t sealed and rubbing with a baby wipe will smudge the photo paper.  I’m going to fix it by re-printing the photo, trimming it and gluing it right on top of the messed up on.



Had some fun with embossing paste and Donna Downey’s stencil. Once dry, I rubbed some oil pastel over the raised edges.


The stars got some bling…..still not a big fan of glitter, lol.  I always make such a mess.


A close up of the door that houses my letter to myself.  I just used washi tape to keep it closed.  I tried to use a different type of closure with ribbon but didn’t like how it looked.  Washi tape looks and works so much better.


Inside the door with the letter extended.


And my “child” art.  Created just like a kid.  No thought and with my fingers.  Ah, to be a kid again!


I’ll be honest, my heart (and head) wasn’t completely into the lesson.  Too many distractions and if I don’t start getting into the “creative” mood, someone send the art squad plllleeeaaaasssseeee!   Anyhow, am pretty proud of me that I’m still keeping up (not that one has to) especially when not in the mood to be creative.

Until next time…….stay dry!  More rain on the way here!


Mr. Owl

2015 May 11
by Micki

It’s been a while, eh?  Well, after the garage sale, I decided to take it easy last week.  The weather was horrible.  Humid, rainy and some storms and the humidity just zapped me meaning I didn’t make it into my studio for art.  Just didn’t have the energy.  I did force myself to create something this past weekend.  During the week, it’s hard to focus on art since the puppy doesn’t like being upstairs.  And she seems to think that whenever we are upstairs, it should be play time.   My craft room now sports some awesome Peacock Distress Stain spots on the floor, courtesy of Sasha having gotten into my tray of Distress Stains.  Enough about my excuses, I did want to share my whimsical owl that I created last month.  (I thought I had already shared it on the blog but apparently I didn’t – at least I couldn’t find it.)

The eyes need some work, they seem a bit flat, but overall I’m happy with the overall results.  Created a softer background using more pastel like colors.


I used a canvas board as the substrate, covered with paper collage.  Originally I wanted to create a monotone background, like a soft off white but then went with the light turquoise and green/yellow.


On the tree, I used a fine liner bottle filled with fluid ink.  Also used a charcoal stick which I smudged with my finger, around the owl.


Like I mentioned earlier, the eyes need some more work. But for now, I’m perfectly happy with Mr. Owl.

I’m off to clean the house.  With a puppy and rain every day, I seem to be mopping my kitchen floor on a daily basis.  Having a puppy in the house is just like having a toddler.  Must teach pup to put her toys back in her box when she’s done playing with them!

Until next time…..

Painted Out Flowers

2015 April 27
by Micki

Good Monday morning friends!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Ours was busy.  Saturday we drove to Ft. Leavenworth for their annual yard sale.  Ft. Leavenworth is a beautiful military base and I was able to snap this photo with my phone:



We got there at 6 A.M. and it poured for at least an hour, then there was a break but it basically rained/drizzled all day.  Regardless of the rain, there were thousands of people!  It’s always fun to go.  We did find a 6 ft. Ikea table with legs for $20 which would have cost me $50 at the store. And got another baby gate (aka “puppy” gate) for a $1.  But the big score was a German couch which pulls out into a sleeper for $10.  Hubby spotted it and it’s perfect for our sunroom.  Also got a couple of aprons – can’t have enough of those Smile.   My SUV is 13 years old, has 240,000 miles and certainly doesn’t look all that snazzy anymore, however, I love that vehicle.  I don’t have to worry about the kids spilling anything and can haul just about anything.  People always ask me why I don’t get a new or newer vehicle instead of spending the $400-$600 a year to work on the front end (that is the only issue I have with this vehicle – u joints, stabilizer bar, etc.).  Well, I love not having a payment and like I said, I can haul just about anything:


Yes, that’s the couch.  And the 6ft table top was along the side.  It was a bit of a cramped ride home for the hubby but we got it all home.  Love my vehicle!!!!

Ok now that I’ve bored you enough, let me share this little collage piece. 


Because I have so many pieces of gelli prints and other ephemera, I create lots of collaged background pieces which are sitting on my desk.  So several weeks ago I decided to doodle some flowers and then used black gesso to cover everything but the flowers up.  Loved how the collaged papers popped but I wasn’t sure how to create some definition on the flowers.  So I used some watered down black ink in a fine line applicator bottle and loosely doodled around the flowers.  Still feeling like they needed something, I added white painty dots around the flower petals.


I think these little flowers will look awesome in a orange or pink frame, don’t you think?

This week we will be getting ready for our annual yard sale.  Thank goodness it looks dry, sunny and warm all week through next week!

Until next time,


LB Week 15 It’s the Little Things

2015 April 21
by Micki

Hello everyone,

Thought I’d pop in here to share my project for Life Book Week 15 lesson taught by the awesome Tam.  

Wk15LittleThingsFull This was a two page spread.  The lesson was about using white and black and trying to create a more “painterly” face.  Thoroughly enjoyed this lesson but then I enjoy each and every one!  The only thing that I think I did wrong was the background.  On the face page, the colors are in a circle, framing the face.  Then when I did the opposite page, I didn’t follow that circular design.


But I think I’ll just consider each page, it’s own painting.  What do you think?  I do like the face.



I do not know what I was thinking when I added the drips.  I’m thinking now that I should have added some splatter instead.





Regardless, I had fun, got my fingers inky and my mind off some other stuff and that’s always good!

Hope you guys are enjoying your week.  We’ve had a rainy weekend but we did go to a friends BBQ and the sun peeked out for a couple of hours.  I actually did some clay pigeon shooting, a first for me and didn’t do too bad.  Definitely lots of fun!

The rest of this week I have several appointments; dentist, lawyer, etc…. so I’m sure the week will fly by.

Until next time,

LB Week 13 with Juliette Crane

2015 April 15
by Micki

Happy Tax Day everyone.  Since we do our taxes in early February, today doesn’t mean anything to me.  Other than it’s rainy and gloomy.   And now that we have a puppy, I’ve come to realize that rainy weather and clean kitchen floors do not mix.  The days of mopping the floor once a week and staying clean are gone, lol.  Who cares, right?  Sasha is pure joy and we are so glad she joined us.

Today I wanted to share my Life Book lesson from week 13 which was taught by the fabulous Juliette Crane

LB Wk13 JulietteCraneLesson Full

I reworked and reworked both the background and the owl.  Working on it over several days.  Not sure about the background but then if you follow my artistic endeavor, you know that I’m never, ever 100% sure about any of my art projects.  I’ve learned to just step away and let it be.

LB WK13 JulietteCraneBackground

Wait, I should clarify that I love the background on its own.  Just not sure that it goes with the owl.

The owl has lots of layers.

LB WK13 JulietteCrane ClUp

I love owls.  Except when they are on a branch right outside your bedroom window and screech.  Yup, that will literally make you jump straight up from a dead sleep thinking you’re in a horror movie, lo!

Until next time,


Life Book Week 11

2015 April 13
by Micki

It took me a while but I finally finished  Tam’s Life Book bonus lesson for week 11.  I went for a more whimsical look and decided to give my guardian angel purple hair – just like my daughter’s.

Collaged background, paint and neo color II crayons.  The eyes probably should be larger or more rounder, but overall I am happy with her. 






More importantly I’m keeping up with the weekly lesson even though I am late posting here.  The drive to create hasn’t been there, especially since Sasha joined the household.  I would have to say the puppy is in the equivalent of a toddler’s “terrible two” stage.  I bring her with me into the art studio but there are too many smells and other temptations which means I am constantly distracted having to watch the pup.   But, like I said….. I’m still doing art and keeping up with the lessons.  It’s all good!

Until next time…..xoxo

Singing Lady

2015 April 8
by Micki

I decided that I was going to re-create my “Singing Lady” so that I could frame it.  The first time I created her was in my Dylusions journal.  This time I created her on mixed media paper:


This version has some differences.  For me it’s almost impossible to recreate something exactly as the original version.  I used lots of stencils and paint to built up the background layers.  Absolutely LOVED how it turned out:


In my original version, I had her holding up her arm, this time I went for the easy technique of having her arms behind her.  And because the scale is a bit smaller than in my 2 page journal spread, it was a bit more difficult to paint her features.


Overall I love how this version turned out.  Now I just need to frame her!

Here is the “original” version: (blog post here)

I just realized that I created this journal spread almost a year ago – 4/17/14.  Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.  And here is the “frame able” version again:


Love both versions and love that each is a bit different.  That’s it for me today.  Expecting strong storms this afternoon.  Hope everyone stays safe.  Until next time……